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How to store Cars MOSC?

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  • How to store Cars MOSC?

    Hey guys, I've been buying up a bunch of Cars and Planes for the past month, probably at about 100 figures now. I'm buying them for my son who is only 14 months old so I will have to store these things for about a year or two. Right now they are just packed into some cardboard boxes that I had laying around. Is there a better way to store the toys on the cards?

    I got a 11-pack of cars that came in a nice box with a graphic of Mack on the outside ( They fit perfectly in there. Can I buy these separate? Does anyone have any of these boxes they are willing to sell?

    Also, the box from the 11-pack planes collection would be great as I have a bunch of planes as well.

    I used to collect transformers, but those were boxed figures and much easier to store and keep in good condition. I'm at a loss with these carded figures.

    Thanks guys.

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    I just store them in plastic see-through tubs.
    Kenny, age 13

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      They are difficult to store in my opinion. I use plastic tubs as well.


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        Use the original boxes they come in. They are made to fit them


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          Plastic tubs (storage totes)... original boxes... I combined some of my original boxes into larger boxes as my wife requested I get rid of the amount of cardboard.

          I'm sure there are other ways to store... Pegboard and pegs... there were protectors for the original size carded Cars items... I don't think they were ever widely made and sold for Cars 2 merchandise.

          You can never have enough space to store your Cars... we bought a new house this spring as my wife and I had outgrown the 2 BR home we'd been in for 8 and 1/2 years... and I may still have to add on to the house.

          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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            Original boxes... do you just ask the employee's at Target, Walmart, TRU?

            I don't have THAT many cars haha. I am collecting right now, but not a collector per say. Just getting these for my son to play with when he is old enough so I'm just interested in getting the main characters. Type of cardback or variants or minor characters don't really interest me... unless its a cool car... like the ferrari and maserati's.

            I do know what it is like to collect though, collected transformers for awhile... THAT was expensive.

            Thanks for all the help guys!