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Jonathan Wrenchworths - EMILE or EVILLE?

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  • Jonathan Wrenchworths - EMILE or EVILLE?

    So I was inspecting my Jonathan today and couldn't help but notice that the correct plate states "EMILE"

    and the diecast says "EVILLE"

    I'm not sure if Mattel wanted to make a car name license plate from the Caddy Se/DeVille.. or if they just mistook it for Eville? Tell me your thoughts.. <--My wiki <--My Flickr

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    I'm not sure, but I also want to know. It was probably a mistake. EVILLE and EMILE might like alike if you are just looking at the movie and not high resolution pictures.
    Kenny, age 13

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      Interesting... my guess is that the person responsible for the original design called it EMILE... when Mattel changed the lead designer (a big mistake in my opinion) they knew that Cadillac model was DeVille and went with EVILLE as a parody.

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        I thought it was EVILLE in the movie?

        It's a play on the word "Deville" and is short for Emeryville, California (home of Pixar).
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