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Show Us Your Favorite Ramone Mattel Metal Mini Racer

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  • Show Us Your Favorite Ramone Mattel Metal Mini Racer

    Updated: Presently there are 8 Ramone's available.
    There is an Orange RoadTrip Ramone available as a 10-pack in Toys R Us Canada, but not many have it. A silver Ramone featuring the colors of the Mexican Flag, ˇSaludosAmigo! Ramone has been spotted in a spy foto (he appears at the end of Cars3 for the Fab-LMQ vs RE-Cruz race) . And of course, eventually we are going to see that 'Sooo Lowww' Green Ramone. But for the time being, what's your favorite Mattel Metal Mini Racer Ramone?
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    7 shades of Ramone Road Trip Ramone seen in an auction in France, but not available yet. Spy shot of ˇHola Amigo! Ramone, silver one at the top with colors of the Bandera Mexicana.
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    Updated for the release of Green Artist Ramone (Cars2 Geometric Artistic Green version).
    There are 9 Ramone's available now, but the RoadTrip Ramone is still only to be found at Toys R Us Canada here in North America. So, I only have 8. Of course still waiting for 'SaludosAmigos' too.
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      The Ramones. 24,24,24 hours a day, Who is your favorite Ramone?
      Updated for the release of ˇSaludosAmigos! Ramone. So this is 9. When I get a hold of RoadTrip Ramone, that will be 10 and I'll do another photo. But, I'll have to choose a new substrate too. (Bamboo, Mesquite, FlagStone)

      Some day we will also get the classic Green (different from the green Artist Ramone from Cars2 in this photo)


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        Awesome photos showing the Mini Ramone, FischAutoTechGarten... If I had to choose from the ones in your second photo, I'd pick either the Intro Ramone or the Saludo Amigos Ramone... I haven't opened any of my Ramone Mini Racers yet - I've got to clear space to display/store them so that they and all my mini racers are protected.

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          Nice collection, thanks for the photos! That SaludosAmigo! Ramone is my best pick of the bunch, hopefully he gets released for the 1:55 die-cast line too.


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            Yeah, I think Intro Ramone is my favorite too. still trying to acquire RoadTrip Ramone.


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              With the arrival of RoadTrip Ramone from Canada, I have the Ramone's Top 10 Hits prepared.

              I still think that we will see a dark Green Supercharged Ramone from Cars1. But what would be the 12th car to give us a dozen? Will it be Union Jack Ramone from Cars2?
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                Ramone's RustEze Wrap Livery makes 11 looks!

                Intro Ramone remains my favorite. We know we still have RadiatorSprings Ramone on the way in a special 10-pack. But I imagine we will also see UnionJack and SuperCharged (darker Green) outfits as well!


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                  A dozen reasons to love Ramón.

                  I think Ramón is wearing a sly smile in his Radiator Springs livery. This version appeared at the end of Cars2.

                  There are still 3 Ramon versions that I can think of that haven't been released.... #UnionJackRamone, #GreenSuperChargedRamone, #GhostLightRamone... I'm okay with chasing 3 more!!
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