So let's see if this adds onto my blog with a new post.

It looks like the website continues to be secure... no attacks since the last updates the chascars did last week... that's a great feeling.

Yesterday had a great highlight when I got to meet Scavenger and his family as they are on their move from New Jersey to Arizona... however, on the way home from the restaurant my Civic's transmission started misbehaving badly... I eventually made it home, but it was quite nerve racking... it would shudder badly and made a sound like I'd been rear-ended when it attempted to switch gears... a whiplash effect as well... it's got 192,000 miles on it - it's probably going to cost more to repair than the car is worth... it's been a good car for me... taken me on a lot of Cars hunts and vacations... I'll hate to say goodbye if that's indeed what it comes to... I'll have to be sure to remove the front license plate of Sally and McQueen.

Time to open a few Cars before calling it a night.