I met up with Ferris last night in NE Indiana - he was in northwest Ohio for work... we traded a few Cars and Planes and enjoyed dinner at a Buffalo Wild Wings... while there, we were talking about the PCD website and Facebook group... I mentioned how much easier it was for me to post on the Facebook page using my phone and how I might have to enlarge my Photobucket account (and pay more money) because I am starting to run low on space... Darren told me that if you use Tapatalk to post on your phone it makes it easier to use PCD on your phone and that Tapatalk hosts the pictures.


I actually made reply #45 in the thread:


on my iPhone last night using Tapatalk... it worked and was easy to use... I didn't have to upload the pictures to Photobucket first and didn't have to squint to see the PCD website buttons to add the pictures.

Tapatalk is available for both iOS and Android devices... I wish I'd have started using it on my phone sooner.