I know I've been a little quiet on the Cars front the last few weeks... my father-in-law had heart surgery at the end of June and his recovery is taking longer than expected... it caused us to delay our vacation to Tennessee by a couple of days... while we had wifi at the cabin we did not have cell signal... had to drive 22 miles on Tennessee 297 to get to the closest town with cell phone signal and a Walmart... and there were 5 180 degree turns up and down steep hills between the cabin and Oneida... I drove over 1200 miles in 6 days.

I'd mapped out a list of Target and Walmart stores in Knoxville about 90 miles away - I'd thought about going on an all day Cars hunt but decided against it... The only Cars I bought were the Jesse Haullander and Artist Ramone that I shared on Recent Finds... I saw the 2 new 3 packs at one Indianapolis area Walmart on the way home but decided against buying them.

I still have some prize packages to get ready to mail from the PCD 5th Anniversary Contest - I will start working on those... thanks for your patience.