As many of you may have noticed, I've been pretty quiet as far as posting on PCD, both on the website and on the Facebook page... since the first of the year both of my parents have been hospitalized and my wife's father spent almost all of 2017 in hospitals or nursing homes prior to his passing last Wednesday at the age of 86... Cars just didn't seem as important to me in comparison to the health problems of parents... I made 3 trips per week to Indianapolis or southern Indiana for 4 weeks to visit him in the hospital or nursing home - I might have stopped in a store or 2 but that was it, and not every trip.

We buried my father-in-law on Saturday... while his birth name was Cleon, everyone called him as Bud... When I see a Super Chase Bud, I think of my father-in-law.


It's great to finally start to see some new Cars - hopefully we'll see some new Cars from Cars and Cars 2 before the launch of Cars 3 toys on April 30... I put in a request to use vacation days on May 1 (Cars 3 toy shopping) and June 16 - going to see Cars 3 at the theater... I'm ready to have some fun...

Coming in May we will celebrate the 6th Anniversary of and have some contests and prizes... and we may have a contest before then.

Thanks for reading.