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Super rare John Lassetire crew gift for sale on Ebay

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  • Super rare John Lassetire crew gift for sale on Ebay

    This car belongs to a close friend of mine (former Pixar employee) who passed away recently survived by his 2 sons and wife. The proceeds from this sale and future super exclusive Pixar items belonging to the family will go to helping them financially.

    This is as legit as it comes.


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    can you share a preview of future items? Any interest in selling direct and avoiding ebay fees? I already have one of this item


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      A cars 3 tiki mug and 2 really rare Toy Story 3 crew gifts. Not sure yet about selling direct.


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        Nice looking item! Might want include a pic of the rear window. As it is a tell on some of the backdoor versions. Though it looks fully legit to me from those pics. Additionally, if you add "Surfin' Safari" to John Lassetire you may elicit more bids.

        Condolences for the loss of your friend.
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          Thank you for your condolences GotFrank.

          I updated the listing with a photo of the rear of the car. And I added the name Surfin' Safari to the description but wasn't able to revise the title. With less than a day left in the auction, don't think it will effect the outcome too much.