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  • Huge Collection of Extras that Need a New Home!

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a huge collection of extras from Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3, Planes and Planes 2 (including Disney Store models) for sale. I need to make some money off my extras so I can afford new cars!

    I will be posting these to Facebook soon but I wanted to give the faithful forum goers a shot first!

    These are coming from Canada so prices may be higher than you are used to (and this is at no profit to me except for a few rarer cars). If you have any questions please ask!

    My abbreviation legend:

    SC = Supercharged; WOC = World of Cars; ROR = Race-O-Rama;

    FL = Final Lap; R.S. = Radiator Springs; RSN = Racing Sports Network;

    PC = Piston Cup; WGP = World Grand Prix; WWM = Wheel Well Motel


    Singles: $6 unless marked

    Dinoco Chick Hicks (WOC)
    Kathy Copter (WOC) x2 ($7 each)
    Darrell Cartrip (WOC)
    Dexter Hoover (yellow flag) WOC
    Edwin Kranks (WOC)
    Edwin Kranks (ROR)
    Ron Hover (ROR) x2 ($7 each)
    Greta (ROR) nice card ($8)
    Milton Calypeer (ROR) nice card ($14)
    Jonathan Wrenchworths (FL) $8
    Dexter Hoover (green flag) Lenticular ($7)
    Chase Ransburg Darrell Cartrip ($8)
    Sally with Tattoo (R.S.)
    Edwin Kranks (Retro R.S.) unibody x2
    Sidewall Shine Promo (w/Display Case & Baggie) x2 ($18 each)

    Deluxe/Oversize/Megasize: $12 unless marked

    Gil Cab (R.S. Classic)
    Chet Boxkaar Cab (R.S. Classic) x2
    Jerry Recycled Batteries Cab (R.S. Classic)
    Mack Cab (Rust-eze Racing)
    Dinoco Helicopter (Piston Cup) x2
    Chuck “Choke” Cables (RSN) unibody ($14)
    Van Scanlane (Dinoco 500) ($14)
    Mack Semi Cab (error missing faceplate) ($15)
    Super Chase “Bud” (cardback fell off from loose glue) ($16)

    Double Packs/Movie Moments: $12 unless marked

    Dan Sclarkenberg and Kim Carllins
    Artie and Brian Fee Clamp
    Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip (WOC)
    Mike & Sulley (SC) soft bottom right corner ($14)

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted): $6 unless marked

    Edwin Kranks (with faceplate)
    Milton Calypeer ($11)
    Mildred Bylane x4
    Cruisin Ramone (AKA Old School Ramone)
    Octane Gain Pitty (original with tool box and tires)
    My Name is Not Chuck (with tool box and tires) x2 ($8)
    Bruiser Pitty (chipped) ($4)
    Easy Idle (plastic tires)
    Nitroade (plastic tires)
    Shifty Drug (plastic tires)
    Dexter Hoover with checkered flag
    Dexter Hoover (no flag) $4
    Benny Brakedrum (deluxe) $8
    Kori Turbowitz (small chip on lip) $7
    Snot Rod (white license) $7
    Snot Rod (lenticular with chip on rear bumper) $5
    Boost with flames $7
    Darrell Cartrip (original clown mouth) a couple chips ($5)
    Polly Puddlejumper ($8)
    Chuck Manifold (small chips on siding) $7
    Tim Rimmer ($7)
    Dash Boardman ($7)
    Houser Boon ($9)
    Timothy Twostroke
    Nick Stickers (faceplate)
    Guido (original) $4
    Sarge (original with lead paint) $8
    Original Red (some chips)
    Dinoco Showgirls 1 and 2 (1 damaged feathers) $12
    Dan Sclarkenberg
    Kim Carllins
    Darla Vanderson ($7)
    Chuck Choke Cables (faceplate) $12
    Custom Pink Sally (chipped lip + rear-view mirror) $18
    Gold Ransburg Sally x2 ($10 each)
    Gold Ransburg Lightning McQueen (slight chip) $14
    Chase The King (Strip Weathers) with Metallic Finish (NOT lenticular) x2 ($15 each)
    Plastic Mater (not sure what playset he came from) $5
    N2O Cola Promo Display Case (no car) $3
    Precision Series Mater Display Case + License (no car) $2

    Set of 6 Pit Stop Launchers + 2 Lightyear launchers (no cars): $30 for all

    Octane Gain Pit Stop Launcher (no car)
    Shifty Drug Pit Stop Launcher (no car)
    Tank Coat Pit Stop Launcher (no car)
    Trunk Fresh Pit Stop Launcher (no car)
    Vitoline Pit Stop Launcher (no car)
    Fiber Fuel Pit Stop Launcher (no car)
    Blue Lightyear Launcher Tire (no car) x2

    Cars 2:

    Singles: $7 unless marked

    Metallic Francesco Bernoulli (TRU Exclusive) x2 (Good cards!) $10 each
    Siren Carbarini (Palace Chaos) x2
    Manny Roadriguez (Palace Chaos)
    Gearett Taylor (Palace Chaos)
    Scott Motorse (Palace Chaos)
    Victor Paveone (Palace Chaos) x2
    M. Fenderickson (Ye Left Turn Inn)
    Sajan Karia (Airport Adventure)
    Krate Rainson-wash (Airport Adventure) x2
    Grem with Weapon (Airport Adventure)
    Chase Ruka (Airport Adventure) x2 ($7.50 each)
    Louis LaRue (Paris Tour)
    Geartrude and Lubewig (Paris Tour) $15
    Kabuto (Tuners)
    Harumi (Tuners)
    Chase Ichigo (Tuners) $8
    Professor Z ($6)
    Rod Torque Redline (short-card variant) $8
    Tubbs Pacer (Lemons) x3
    Acer with Headset (Lemons)
    Acer with Torch (Only at Kmart sticker) x2
    Victor H.
    Don Crumlin x2
    Vladimir Trunkov
    Petrov Trunkov x3 ($6 each)
    Alexander Hugo with Party Hat x3
    Raoul CaRoule x2 ($6 each)
    Nigel Gearsley x2 ($6 each)
    Lewis Hamilton
    Max Schnell x4 ($6 each)
    Carlo Maserati
    Galloping Geargrinder ($8)
    Mary Esgocar x3 ($8 each)
    Rip Clutchgoneski (WGP) x2
    David Hobbscapp with headset (WGP)
    Erik Laneley (WGP) $6
    Holley Shiftwell with Screen (Allinol Blowout)
    Body Shop Ramone with paint gun (WWM) x3
    Mama Topolino (Festival Italiano) x2
    Chase Officer Murakarmi x2
    Chase Becky Wheelin x2
    Chase Cartney Brakin ($15)
    Chase Fabrizio ($16)
    Chase Celine Dephare (Only at Kmart sticker) $14
    Chase Miles Axlerod with Open Hood (Palace Chaos) $10
    Chase Radiator Springs Ramone ($8)
    Chase Lee Race (Mel Dorado Show)
    Chase Magen Carrar (Allinol Blowout) x2
    Super Chase Takeshi ($22)
    Super Chase Hiroaki ($24)
    Silver Deco Racers set (10) + Gold Rip Clutchgoneski (NIP) $80 for set

    Deluxe/Oversize/Megasize: $12 unless marked

    The Queen ($30)
    Ivan (only at Kmart sticker) $14
    Towin’ Eoin (Allinol Blowout) x2 ($10 each)
    Emmanuel (Paris Tour)
    Pope Pinion IV
    Kimura Kaizo ($10)

    Double Packs/Movie Moments: $14 unless marked

    Shawn Krash and Sal Machiani (orange variant)
    Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray and Tolga Trunkov x4 ($10 each)
    Father Burke and Cardinal Antonio & Angelo
    Brent Mustangburger and Darrell Cartrip ($12)
    Tuners Yokoza and Chisaki
    Doug Speedcheck and Palace Danger Finn McMissile (Palace Chaos)
    Grem in Trouble and Acer in Trouble (Ye Left Turn Inn) $18
    Francesco Bernoulli and Lightning McQueen with Party Wheels
    Professor Z and Acer with Helmet ($20)
    Mater with Spy Glasses and Acer (Mater’s Secret Mission, only at Wal-Mart sticker)

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted):

    Acer and Grem with headset ($18 for set)
    Acer with gun/weapon x2 ($10 each)
    Tubbs Pacer with paint spray ($5)
    Mama Bernoulli (from 4 pack) x3 ($8 each)
    David Hobbscap (1st release without headset) $15
    Darrell Cartrip ($6)
    Gold Rip Clutchgoneski (K-mart exclusive) $8
    SGT. Highgear (small variant) x2 ($10)
    Deluxe Andy Gearsdale x2 ($11 each)
    Scott Spark ($6)
    Chisaki (Tuners) $7
    Denise Beam (unibody) $7
    Denise Beam (with faceplate) $8
    Luigi and Guido with shaker & glasses x2 ($7 per set)
    Trent Crow-Tow with luggage ($7)
    Holley Shiftwell (from shortcard, different design) $6
    Captured Professor Z with cable ($14)
    Ronnie Del Cooper x2 ($11 each)
    Alloy Hemberger (Max fan) $6
    Clutch Foster (4 pack, Jeff fan) $7
    Pope Pinion IV and the Popemobile ($30 for set)
    Sal Machiani (original yellow) $6
    Ruka (chase) $6
    Mark Wheelsen ($6)
    Security Guard Finn (faceplate) $6
    Finn McMissile (faceplate) x2 ($4.50 each)
    Francesco Bernoulli (black bottom) x2 ($4.50 each)
    Max Schnell (unibody) x2 ($5 each)
    Lewis Hamilton (unibody) chip on rear ($5)
    Nigel Gearsley (faceplate) $5
    Miguel Camino (unibody) $5
    Shu Todoroki (faceplate/good used condition) $5
    Union Jack Ramone (factory defects) $8
    Body Shop Ramone with Paint Gun ($7)
    Exclusive Radiator Springs Hydraulic Ramone (loose from 7pk) $18

    Cars 3:

    Singles: $7 unless marked

    Superfly (Demo Derby) x3 ($10 each)
    Pat Traxson (Race Official Pace Car)
    Maddy McGear
    Metallic Cruz Ramirez (Scavenger Hunt) Package variation (Mexico) $10
    Metallic Cruz Ramirez (Scavenger Hunt) Package variation (regular) $10
    Bobby Swift ($6)
    Taco (Demo Derby)
    Broadside (Demo Derby)
    Roscoe (Demo Derby)
    Smokey (small variant)
    Jackson Storm
    Fishtail x2
    APB (Demo Derby) x3
    Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline

    Deluxe/Oversize/Megasize: $14 unless marked

    Dr. Damage x2 ($11 each)
    Scott Tiller (R.S.)
    Super Chase Morgan Martins ($18)
    Miss Fritter (gloss finish variant) loose glue on card

    Double Packs/Movie Moments: $16 unless marked

    Heyday Smokey and Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    Hit and Run (Demo Derby) First release ($25)

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted):

    APB (Demo Derby) $6
    Cal Weathers’ Tool box (#42) NO tires x4 ($2 each)
    Lighting McQueen’s Tool box (#95) NO tires x4 ($2 each)
    Lightning McQueen’s Pit Stop Barrier/divider x4 ($2 each)
    Cal Weathers’ Pit Stop Barrier/divider x4 ($2 each)
    Jackson Storm’s Pit Stop Barrier/divider x4 ($2 each)

    Cars Toons:


    Kyandee (Tokyo Mater) $7
    Yokoza ($10)
    Dragon Lightning McQueen (clean) $10
    Rescue Squad Chopper (white nose variant) $15
    Deluxe Captain Munier ($25)

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted):

    Dalmation Mia and Tia (SDCC rubber tires) $35
    Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen ($15)
    Chuy x2 ($12 each)
    Komodo (small chip on roof) $5
    Ito San (no eye-plate variant) $6
    Padre (smeared paint on front bumper) $4.50
    Props McGee Bi-plane (factory defects) x2 ($10 each)

    Story Tellers/Shorts/Others:


    Story Tellers Smell Swell Lightning McQueen ($15)
    Story Tellers Wedding Day Ramone ($18)
    Take Flight Rescue Chopper (Black nose variant) $12
    Take Flight Falcon Hawk Black ($25)
    Take Flight Falcon Hawk 1 (nice card) x2 ($15 each)
    Star Wars Sarge as Emperor Palpatine with Cone Droid (nice card) $12
    Mini Adventures Race Rods Lizzie and Red (nice card) $20
    Micro Drifters Mack Transporter Rolling Display Case x2 ($15 each)
    Sarge & Trailer (Cars Road Trip/RD TR1P) $15

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted):

    Reindeer Mater ($15)
    Snow Day Sally ($8)
    Christmas Ramone ($6)
    Retro Ramone ($20)
    Take Flight Falcon Hawk 1 (defect on wing paint) $12
    Radiator Springs Exclusive Ramone (RS 500 1/2) $14
    Radiator Springs John Lassetire (Red) x2 ($10 each)
    Mini Adventures Easter Flo and Ramone ($20)
    Mini Adventures Dinoco Lightning McQueen ($5)
    To Protect and Serve 3-Pack Didi 05 and Mike 07 ($25)
    To Protect and Serve 3-Pack Driving School Lightning McQueen ($12.50)


    Cars Mack Transforming Playset (loose) $18
    Cars Vinyl Toupee #76 Lightyear Launchers ($25)
    Cars Welcome to Radiator Springs Gift Pack (Ramone, Mini & Van) $18
    Cars Travel Time Mack Playset x2 ($18 each)
    Cars 3 Smash & Crash Stunt Set (Demo Derby) $16

    Planes & Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue):


    Planes Chase Midnight Flyers Dusty ($16)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Piston Peak Linus Lines ($12)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Windy Wheelchocks ($12)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Deluxe Ryker ($18)
    Planes 2 Fusel Lodge Fire Alarm 4-Pack (Pulaski, Cad, Ol’ Jammer, Fire Dusty) $40

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted):

    Planes Arturo’s Pitty ($8)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Deluxe Cad Spinner ($15)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Ted Yale (no luggage) $5
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Control Tower Playset (no Patch) $10
    Vitaminamulch Air Spectacular Truckzilla Chug (chip on running board) $12
    Vitaminamulch Air Spectacular Air Devil Jones Dusty (left tail wing chip) $10
    Vitaminamulch Air Spectacular Sparky (chips on hat) $8

    Disney Store (1:43 Scale)

    Packaged: $15 unless marked

    Cars TJ Hummer ($18)
    Cars Chase Black Tractor (in Display Case) $28
    Planes El Chupacabra & Rochelle 2pk Die Cast x2 ($25 each)
    Planes Bravo Deluxe Die-cast x2 ($28)
    Planes Navy (Jolly Wrenches) Dusty (in Display Case) x2
    Planes Turbo Dusty Crophopper (in Display Case)
    Planes Racing Dusty Crophopper (in Display Case)
    Planes Dusty Crophopper (in Display Case)
    Planes Lead Bottom (in Display Case)
    Planes Bulldog (in Display Case) x2
    Planes Ned & Zed (in Display Cases) x2 ($30 per set)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Firefighter Dusty (in Display Case)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Mayday (in Display Case)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Ryker (in Display Case)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Blade Ranger Deluxe Die Cast ($40)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Windlifter Deluxe Die Cast ($45)
    Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) Muir Deluxe Die Cast x2 ($20 each)

    Loose (Mint Unless Noted):

    Rasta Carian (Monster Truck Mater) $18
    Lieutenant McQueen (Private-eye Mater) $15
    Big D (Private-eye Mater) $25
    Cars 2 Hydrofoil Finn ($10)
    Cars 2 Petey Pacer with Torch ($18)
    Planes Hector Vector (Deluxe Die-cast) slight damage on nose ($20)

    Precision Series:

    Sally x2 ($18 each)
    Ramone and Flo x2 ($35 per set)
    Luigi and Guido x2 ($18 each)
    Sheriff x2 ($18 each)
    Sarge ($10)
    Mater ($12)

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