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  • LOOSE MINT FOR SALE Last of Collection

    All are package-to-shelf never played with. Will ship anywhere from PA, USA - you pay shipping costs. PM or comment with any questions. You can find me on PCD Facebook page @ Spencer Gogol - easiest way to contact me!

    All cars here are plastic tires/fixed eyes - no L&S/Color Changers/Lenticular

    CARS 1
    #28 Nitroade (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $3.00
    Benny Brakedrum $6.00
    Charlie Cargo $6.00
    Lightning McQueen, Cactus $3.00
    Lightning McQueen, Dirt Track $3.00
    Lightning McQueen, Tar $3.00
    Lightning McQueen, Tumbleweed $3.00
    Luigi (Black Outline) $3.00
    Luigi (No Black Outline) $3.00
    Mack Semi $6.00
    Mater $3.00
    Murphy $6.00
    Nitroade Semi (Earl Roadales) $6.00
    No Stall Semi $6.00
    Octane Gain Semi $6.00
    Ramone, Hydraulic with Metallic Finish (Chase) $5.00
    RPM Semi $6.00
    Sarge (Boot Camp Variant) $5.00
    Transberry Juice Semi $6.00
    Vinyl Toupee Semi $6.00

    CARS 2
    Alex Vandel $6.00
    Darrell Cartrip (Cars 2 Variant, Two-Piece) $3.00
    Francesco Bernoulli (Black Chassis) $3.00
    Francesco Bernoulli (White Chassis) $3.00
    Lewis Hamilton (No Tooth Gap) $3.00
    Lightning McQueen with Party Wheels $3.00
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Launcher Variant) $5.00
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Two-Piece, Correct Color) $3.00
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Two-Piece, Off-Color) $3.00
    Mater, Race Team $3.00
    Max Schnell (Two-Piece) $3.00
    Nigel Gearsley (Two-Piece) $3.00
    Nigel Gearsley with Metallic Finish (TRU) $6.00
    Petrov Trunkov $3.00
    Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray $4.00

    CARS 3
    Buck Bearingly $3.00
    Cal Weathers ("Hank" Variant) $3.00
    Chick Hicks with Headset $3.00
    Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter (Glossy Finish) $3.00
    Lightning McQueen, Fabulous $3.00
    Lightning McQueen, Rust-Eze Racing Center $3.00
    Mack Hauler, Cars 3 $15.00
    Mack Semi, Cars 3 $6.00
    Murray Clutchburn $3.00
    Parker Brakeston $3.00
    Ponchy Wipeout (Yellow Wheels) $3.00
    Rex Revler $3.00
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