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Mini-Racers Blind Box Case E (Series 5) Cars for sale.

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  • Mini-Racers Blind Box Case E (Series 5) Cars for sale.

    I have listed custom 10-packs On Ebay... and they contain some cars from the above mentioned Mini-Racers Blind Box Case E (Series 5)

    Yes, Junior Moon,View Zeen and Cigalert sold right-away and I needed the Metallic Miss Fritter.

    However, there are still 3 new releases (TowCap, Green Ramone, Gask-its) available as well as a few other harder to find cars (HJHollis) and some more common cars very cheap. I'm just looking to clear out the duplicates, not make allot of money, so the 10-packs are priced from $16.95 to $20.95, so about $2 a car...

    I won't rearrange the 10-packs.... I have 4 listings on Ebay (so 40 cars).... so yeah, you're gonna get a Dirt Track Lightning McQueen and probably a Dinoco Blue Chick Hicks amongst the 10. HAHA. Check the link... each of the listings has the cars that will be included. Some good deals and some nice cars included. I just don't want to store 40 extra cars anymore.

    I'll still have 5 more extra cars and might put them up as well...
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