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Selling my entire collection...not sure where to start...???

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  • Selling my entire collection...not sure where to start...???

    Greetings all!!

    I have a Supercharged collection of Cars that I would like to sell. Wanted to start a collection of "something" but this didn't really take.

    I would appreciate any input about value. Not trying to make a profit...would be happy to break even

    I know eBay is a good place to sell, just want to know if I should sell individually, or in sets, or ???

    Any and all input is appreciated

    Thanks in advance for your advice!!!

    The numbers next to the items are how many I have (don't ask why I have so many Chick Hicks...I dunno LOL)

    Disney's Cars, Supercharged collection:

    Mainline Singles, Wave 2
    Supercharged Series Singles packaging
    2 Boost
    2 Brand New Mater
    10 Chick Hicks
    2 Cruisin' Lightning McQueen
    3 Dinoco Lightning McQueen
    4 Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
    1 DJ
    5 Doc Hudson
    2 Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    2 Fillmore
    4 Hamm
    4 King
    3 Leak Less
    2 Lightning McQueen
    1 Lizzie
    5 Mater
    4 Nitroade
    5 Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
    6 Ramone (green)
    2 Ramone (purple)
    3 Ramone (yellow)
    3 Sally
    2 Sarge
    2 Sheriff
    5 Wingo

    Mainline Singles, Wave 3
    This is the first release of each of these vehicles, except for RPM #64, Snot Rod and Ferrari F430 (first release as singles for these three).
    1 Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
    1 Bob Cutlass
    1 Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
    1 Cruisin' Ramone
    1 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Darrell Cartrip
    1 Dinoco Chick Hicks
    Dinoco Helicopter
    Ferrari F430
    Hydraulic Ramone
    Mario Andretti
    2 Snot Rod
    1 RPM #64 (
    2 Tex Dinoco
    Tongue Lightning McQueen
    Yeti the Abominable Snowplow

    Movie Moments multi-car packs
    2 Buzz & Woody
    3 Fillmore & Sarge
    2 Luigi, Guido & Tractor
    2 Luigi & Guido (Ferrari fans)
    2 Mike & Sulley
    2 Sally & Cruisin' Lightning McQueen
    4 Boost & Snot Rod
    1 Flo & Ramone (purple)
    2 Red & Stanley
    Mia & Tia
    King & Mrs. The King
    Flik & P.T. Flea
    Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze

    Toys "R" Us Exclusive "Movie Doubles" packs
    1 Brand New Mater & Mater
    1 Ramone (purple) & Hydraulic Ramone
    1 Lightning McQueen & Tongue Lightning McQueen
    1 Doc Hudson & Fabulous Hudson Hornet (red rims)

    Christmas Bulbs Two-packs
    Flo & Hydraulic Ramone
    Mater & Doc Hudson
    Sheriff & Lightning McQueen

    The "Dinoco 400" Target-exclusive set
    1 Dinoco 400 set
    Chick Hicks
    Leak Less
    Lightning McQueen
    No Stall
    Octane Gain
    Vinyl Toupee

    The Walmart-exclusives
    Supercharged Series Walmart-exclusives packaging
    1 Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
    Barney Stormin
    Bruiser Bukowski
    1 Cactus Lightning McQueen
    2 Ghostlight Ramone
    Kori Turbowitz
    Piston Cup Pace Car (a.k.a. Charlie Checker)
    1 T.J.

    Sam's Club "10-Car Value Pack"
    Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
    Brand New Mater
    Cactus Lightning McQueen
    Doc Hudson
    Ghostlight Ramone
    Leak Less
    Snot Rod

    3-Car Box Sets
    1 "Tunerz' Vehicles" - Boost, Snot Rod & Wingo
    1 "Tractor Tippin'" - Mater, Tractor & Lightning McQueen
    1 "Courtroom Crew" - Sheriff, Sally & Doc Hudson

    4-Car Box Sets
    "Radiator Springs Shopkeepers" - Mater, Ramone (green), Sarge & Fillmore
    "Cruisin' Couples" - Flo, Ramone (purple), Lightning McQueen & Sally

    5-Car Box Sets
    1 "Radiator Springs Gift Pack" - Lizzie, Doc Hudson, Mater, Sally & Sheriff
    1 "Piston Cup Racers Gift Pack" - Nitroade, King, Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen & Leak Less

    6-Car Box Sets
    "Speedway 6" Gift Pack - Ferrari F430 (First release of this car), King, Chick Hicks, Nitroade, Dinoco Lightning McQueen & RPM #64
    "Cruise Night" Gift Pack - Ramone (purple), Sally, Cruisin' Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sheriff & Doc Hudson

    7-Car Box Sets
    "Meet at Flo's" - Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen, Sally, Lizzie, Sheriff, Doc Hudson, Ramone (yellow) & Flo

    Cruise 'N Go Playmat - Cruisin' Lightning McQueen
    Cruise 'N Go Playmat - Sheriff
    Lightning Fast Speedway Track Set - Lightning McQueen
    Mack Transporter - Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks & Leak Less
    1 Mack Truck Playset - Lightning McQueen (without Lightning McQueen)
    Piston Cup 500 Track Set - Lightning McQueen
    Piston Cup 500 Track Set - Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Leak Less & The King
    Race Case and Track - Lightning McQueen & The King

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    You're gonna get more if you sell by the piece. But with such a sizable collection. You need to consider your time in making so many listings. My best advice though. Is try and wait til after Cars 3 hits in June!


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      I sent a Private Message of some cars I would like to buy.