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Factory Apple Cab for trade

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  • Factory Apple Cab for trade

    I have a couple of Apple cabs (no hauler) that were made in 2009 in a factory in HK
    These are not customs but a run of about 30 that were made
    I received them through a trade from a collector in China; I know Barbara has one of the 30 in her collection
    These were prototypes so none are perfect; there are small imperfections such as a paint bubble, or small chip- but they look very cool
    They are looking for a loving home that will appreciate them
    Open to offers

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    What would you consider as a trade for one of these?


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      Hi Rippers
      What do you have? haha
      These are very rare, but I am not asking for showstoppers or RDMS (unless you want to offer hehe)
      After shipping, paypal fees and custom charges they come out to about $35 each
      Can you send me your trade list? My email is


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        PM sent.