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  • Mini Adventures Wanted

    Does anyone have any Mini Adventures for sale or trade? I'm looking for any of the playsets/cars as long as they are on card/new in box. Don't need to be in perfect condition as they are for my little boy to play with and so won't be in the packets for long! Please let me know if you've got any available!

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    There are a ton of different ones at a few of the cvs around me. Disney toy cars aren't the cheapest at cvs, but I would be willing to pick up whatever you would want at cost. Here's a couple I ran across and snapped pics of because I never seen them as I'm rather new to collecting.

    Check out my trades list, it's always up to date :!


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      Another one. I believe this is the correct price tag unfortunately
      Check out my trades list, it's always up to date :!


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        Thank you for this! I love these! But sadly those ones look great but are too pricey for me unfortunately, I'm not looking to spend a huge amount on them but thank you for taking pictures for me-I appreciate that! If you do see any a little cheaper then please let me know as I would definitely be interested!


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          Hi. I am in the midwestern part of the US for starters and I have a whole tub of the mini adventure cars and 3 of the play sets. I got them just because but my kids were well beyond the little cars stage. I am not sure what exactly you are looking for, but shot me a pm with the amount you want to spend (shipping included) and I will tell you what we can do for your little one (before he grows out of the desire to play with them)
          May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/