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  • 2021 Mainline Checklist

    With the 2021 mainline now hitting stores recently, I thought it would be good to make a checklist for that. This will be updated whenever new diecasts are revealed. Enjoy!

    Aiken Axler
    Christmas Cruiser Ramone
    Darrell Cartrip
    Darren Leadfoot (Cars)
    The Easter Buggy
    Holiday Hotshot Lightning McQueen
    Kathy Copter
    Kori Turbowitz
    Manny Flywheel
    Mildred Bylane
    Pit Crew Member Fillmore
    Ramone (green)
    Tex Dinoco

    Cars 2
    Cartney Carsper
    Jeff Gorvette
    Lewis Hamilton
    Lightning McQueen as Easter Buggy
    Mama Bernoulli
    Max Schnell
    Raoul CaRoule

    Cars 3
    Blind Spot
    Bob Cutlass (Cars 3)
    Bumper Save Racing Tractor
    Caleb Worley
    Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    Ducky Fauntleroy
    Easy Idle Racing Tractor
    Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    Floyd Morgan
    H.J. Hollis
    Hot Rod Junior Moon
    Hot Rod River Scott
    Hot Rod Smokey
    J.D. McPillar
    Jackson Storm
    Jambalaya Chimichanga
    Murray Clutchburn (Cars 3, has the Cars 1 artwork on the card)
    Pat Traxson
    Racing Red Jackson Storm
    Racing Red Mater
    Racing Start Luigi & Guido
    Robert Jamjones
    Rust-eze Lightning McQueen
    Sheldon Shifter
    Tom W.
    Track Damage Cruz Ramirez
    Will Rusch

    Cars 3 Mack
    Kingpin Nobunga

    Bobby Swift & Brick Yardley
    Dusty Rust-eze & Rusty Rust-eze
    Erik Laneley & Alex Carvill
    Heyday Junior Moon & Heyday Leroy Heming
    Hit & Run
    Jackson Storm & Laura Spinwell
    Mater & Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels
    Ryan "Inside" Laney & Eric Braker

    Piston Cup Race 5-Pack - Davey Apex, Strip Weathers AKA "The King", Mater, Dexter Hoover with Checkered Flag, Kit Revster
    Thunder Hollow Race 5-Pack - T-Bone, Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline, Muddy Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen, Cigalert, Patty
    Piston Cup Race 11-Pack - Chase Racelott, Richie Gunzit, Cam Spinner, Steve "Slick" LaPage, Smokey, Rich Mixon, Conrad Camber, Harvey Rodcap, Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez, Cars 3 Lightning McQueen, Barry DePedal
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    Thank you very much for the update, Sam! One thing many of us will need to get used to is no series this year... Cars are labeled (on the back of the card) as being from Cars, Cars 2, or Cars 3... and it's good to see the return of the Christmas Cars.. even if I don't need them.

    As of now, my personal plans for the 2021 mainline are to only buy the new Cars... hopefully I can continue to get information on case contents.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      We only got Christmas cars in the UK in very limited numbers at Toys R Us a few years ago. I didn't buy any due to, what I thought was a high price of £6.49. Now standard singles are £6.99 - £7.99.

      If I didn't know that there was going to be a Cars 4 film, I would think that Cars die-cast was being wound down!

      I can only hope, from a purely selfish point of view, that many of the cars we have missed over the last couple of years, get a release on the 2021 card back - there are lots of them!

      I saw a list of approx 650 characters in the Cars 4 film. Many repeats, but equally, many new ones to look forward to.

      From the sales figures I posted on the UK section, I can only say that the demise of Toys R Us has hit the UK toy market very bad. There is generally less of everything and prices have risen lots too! That said, the prices of physical media (CDs, vinyl albums, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs) have gone up a lot in the UK recently. Both CDs and vinyl albums have gone up 40% in the last couple of years!


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        UPDATE 12/04/2020

        Updated the main post to include more singles and added sections for Deluxes, 2-Packs and Multi-Packs.


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          Just updated the main post with a few cars that were revealed a while back