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  • checklists for all cars collections

    Hi guys,

    I am currently in the process of building checklists for as many cars collections as I can on my website and would like to share them with you and seek assistance filling in any gaps/adding images etc...

    Would anybody be interested in checklists and is it ok for me to post the relevant links here on this site?



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    Generally speaking offsite links are frowned upon. has extensive checklists for Cars and Cars 2. The Cars 3 list is still a work in progress. Met from TakeFiveADay,com has published comprehensive checklist magazines. Your welcome to start a checklist thread here if you'd like. It is a mountain of a task... Especially with photos. Considering free photo hosting sites are becoming problematic. ie: PotoBucket's new 3rd party hosting debacle. Also the vast majority of active members in the collectors community have migrated to Facebook. So you're not likely to get a flood of assistance unfortunately.

    Sorry for the less than enthusiastic response, but it is what it is. Also welcome to PCD.