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Respect the Classics - Piston Cup Competition 5 Pack

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  • Respect the Classics - Piston Cup Competition 5 Pack

    The Piston Cup Competition 5 pack came out new in January 2018... this Walmart exclusive 5 pack features 1 new Car - the next generation Bumper Save 5 pack... When I first saw this 5 pack on eBay I said I wasn't going to buy it... but it had been so long since I'd found new Cars in a store that I changed my mind and I bought it... The Bumper Save racer, Paul Conrev, was new and very nice looking... but I had the rest of them... and then I decided that since I hadn't opened Ryan Inside Laney or the Rusteze Lightning McQueen - both had been released as singles - I really had more new Cars to add to my display... and I hadn't opened either Chick Hicks with headset or Bobby Swift yet either.

    So I bought myself the 5 pack and bought a few for friends.

    I still haven't opened the 5 pack... but I will... I hope to rearrange a display case or 2 and show next generation racers in 1 and Cars 3 Piston Cup racers in another.

    But I need another display case... or two,..

    Note that these 2018 releases of the boxed sets say Cars and not Cars 3 on the front and that the text is international - no long English only.

    I'll add opened photos one day... and I intend to update a Bumper Save team display to add the new Cars 3 racers, both the Piston Cup version and the next gen Bumper Save, Paul Conrev.

    I need to save a Bumper Save for my display case...

    Thank you for reading... as always, I appreciate your comments.

    2018 Walmart 5 packs cardbacks Piston Cup Competition 5 pack

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom