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Respect the Classics: Gabriel and Aiden

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  • Respect the Classics: Gabriel and Aiden

    In Cars 3, we see several trainees who want to be Next Generation Racers... in this installment of Respect the Classics, we will take a look at 2 of them, Gabriel and Aiden.

    Gabriel has blue accents to go with his gray... Aiden has orange.

    Gabriel is #049 and Aiden is 003... The decal with the number contains the text Rusteze Racing Center.

    Production codes on the 2 pack that I opened are 3617 EAA for Gabriel and 0038 EAA for Aiden... Gabriel was made day 361 of 2017, and Aiden was made day 3 of 2018... Gabriel is DXV42 and Aiden is FGD65... the codes are on the bottom of the Cars,

    The caps for the gas tanks are in different locations - Gabriel's is in front of the left rear tire and Aiden's is behind the left rear tire.

    Looking at the back ends, we see the numbers are also shown on the back... no license plates...

    Part of the first case of 2 packs in the 2018 Mattel year... the Rusteze Racing Center theme... a 2 pack with 2 new Cars is great... the only new Cars in the first case of 2018 2 packs... 12 2 packs in the case: 2 of each of the 6... The Gabriel/Aiden is the only 2 pack I have bought... I've seen the full case at 2 different Meijer stores... I've seen a few 2 packs at a couple different Target stores.

    Additional trainees include Tom W as a single... there's also an upcoming one that Fillmore has shown on the PCD Facebook group page.

    Have you found this 2 pack yet? If so, congratulations on adding it to your collection... if not, I hope you find it soon.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    So far 3 Trainees have been released and 2 more have been announced.

    Tom W, Gabriel, and Aiden... Tom W, Trainee #61, has been released as a single... Tom W has a lighter shade of blue for the wheels and spoiler than Gabriel... The gas cap for Tom W is in the same location as the gas cap for Aiden... The code for Tom W is FLL34...

    Trainee #83 is known as Sudeep... Sudeep has yellow wheels and spoiler... Sudeep has a code of FLL38 and looks like it will be released as a single.

    I haven't opened Tom W yet... I only have one... I also need to order another display case or two or three to display Cars 3 Cars.

    Here's a photo that RCcars5 posted... Trainee #070... contains red wheels and spoiler... Photo originally posted by RCcars5 shared by Joshua Brommer on the PCD Facebook page.

    Thank you for all your research on the new Cars, Fillmore and sharing your research and photos with us... thanks to RCcars5 and Joshua Brommer for letting me know about trainee #070.
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    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom