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Respect the Classics: Van Scanlane

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  • Respect the Classics: Van Scanlane

    One of my favorite series of vehicles in Cars is the RV series... I really like the RVs... I've never owned a real RV and probably never will, but there's something I enjoy about looking at and/or playing with the Cars RVs... I've been fortunate enough to have every released RV in my collection - this includes the Convoy Brothers and Big Al diecasts, the RVs from the Planes movies, and the ones from Cars starting with Elvis and continuing to the latest RV, Van Scanlane... In this short version of a Respect the Classics article, we'll take a look at the made in Thailand version of Van Scanlane.

    Obviously a fan of the Piston Cup series and The King - you can tell by looking at the flags on top of the vehicle.

    Looks like he's glad to be at the track rooting for his favorite Piston Cup racer(s):

    The colors are more vivid and vibrant than the earlier version that was made in China.

    Looking at the underneath side of Van Scanlane, we see the date code (L42A) and other information... DXV95 is the Mattel product code identifier... and you can see the words Made in Thailand:

    I wasn't going to buy the made in Thailand version since I already had the made in China version, but I did... If you don't have the made-in-Thailand version of Van Scanlane, I recommend you get it while it's at an affordable price... In my house the made in China version is going to go into the grandkids toy room so they can play with it.

    The white background is where our microwave goes... my wife and I decided that we'd let her refinish the upper kitchen cabinets from oak to a "Linen White" (off-white)... due to my health issues it's taking a lot longer than expected... so I decide I'd stage a few photos using the kitchen as my studio... We think we're going to change the color of the lower cabinets to a shade of gray... and there are more upper cabinets on another wall to refinish as well... our house was built in 1990 - that means there is too much oak and too many brass items and fixtures for our taste...

    Thank you for reading... as always, I appreciate your comments.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    I vote for the Kitchen Cars Photo Studio, microwaves are fer chumps! LOL

    Looks good, I wish I had more room on the Cars table. Mine is still imprisoned.