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Respect the Classics: Fan Favorites 4 pack

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  • cac1959
    started a topic Respect the Classics: Fan Favorites 4 pack

    Respect the Classics: Fan Favorites 4 pack

    Throwback Tuesday... August 6, 2019... technically it's still Monday... and technically this is a new 4 pack.... but it's from the 2017 release of Cars 3 which was released over 2 years ago which makes it a throwback... Fan Favorite series... $19.99 plus tax on with free shipping on orders of $35.00 or more... I helped out a couple of international friends who were not able to order from Target.

    Fan Favorites 4 pack with Mater, Fabulous Lightning McQueen, Maddy McGear, and Ramone

    Ramone with oil can... I always like Ramone... and this is no exception.

    Maddy McGear supports both Team 95 and Team 51

    Fabulous Lightning McQueen... not sure there are differences with the previously released single or not.

    Team 95 Mater is the link for the Fan Favorites 4 pack.

    To be continued in replies...

  • cac1959
    Continuing with the Fan Favorites 4 pack,
    UPC... production code is 1079EAA - day 107 of 2019 from the EAA factory (China)

    I like the back drop with lots of fans in the stands.

    Back of the box... made in China...

    Team 95 & 51 Maddy and Team 51 Ramone... both are singles releases and in this 4 pack.

    Team 95 Sarge and Mater - Sarge is a single, Mater is both a single and in the 4 pack.

    Team 95 & 51 Sheriff and Dinoco Cruz with Tool Cart are both currently only available as singles releases.

    Made in China but Mattel Canada handles something at the Mississauga, Ontario location.
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