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Respect the Classics: Faregame

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  • cac1959
    started a topic Respect the Classics: Faregame

    Respect the Classics: Faregame

    July 26, 2020.

    One of my favorite Cars from not only the Thunder Hollow series but from any series, any Cars movie or Toon is Faregame... we waited to see it... it was announced to be released in a 3 pack on Amazon back in 2019 but we never saw it... and Amazon (finally) canceled my order within the last 3 weeks.

    Finally, in 2020 singles case D we had the first release of Faregame... as a single... it also appeared in singles case E.

    I'm not sure why I like Faregame so much... I've only ridden in a taxi a few times in my life... As long as I'm able to drive I anticipate driving - I rent a car when I go on vacation by plane so I can go places from the hotel/resort we stay at...

    Here are some photos:

    Right side view:

    View from the front/left:

    Overhead view:

    Production code is M46A - week 46 of 2019 from Factory A:

  • cac1959
    Here are a few more photos:

    Faregame is not pictured on the back of the card of the Faregame single.

    Closeup: in the blister:

    Back of the Faregame card:

    Rear view:
    2 bars on the window.

    Left side view:

    Right side view:

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