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RTC: Darrell Cartrip (Boogity, boogity, let's go racing, boys!)

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  • RTC: Darrell Cartrip (Boogity, boogity, let's go racing, boys!)

    Boogity, boogity, let's go racing, boys! Former NASCAR driver and now commentator Darrell Waltrip has been a part of NASCAR for years... And to help make the Piston Cup and World Grand Prix seem more real, he appeared in Cars and Cars2 as an announcer, Darrell Cartrip... I like the Car and I like the character... as you'll see in this installment of Respect the Classics, Darrell Cartrip has been released many times in the Mattel diecast Cars series... he's been released as a single, as part of a Movie Moment (with Bob Cutlass in Cars and Brent Mustangburger, as part of a lenticular 3 pack (with Race Official Tom and Bob Cutlass), and as part of the Target Tokyo Race Day 7 pack... He's also been released as in the Cars2 Lights and Sounds series... I like Darrell Cartrip - I've got almost every one that's been released... And now that I've looked at the Darrell Cartrip with headset on the 2013 cardback, there are actually now 5 different variants (variations) of Darrell Cartrip.

    Boogity, boogity - let's go racing to look at Darrell Cartrip, ladies and gentlecars!

    Supercharged series

    The first release of Darrell Cartrip was as a single on the Supercharged cardback... I have the US version... I'm not sure if I have the International version of the Supercharged single.

    This Supercharged version and the first releases in the World of Cars series are what's known as the clown mouth Darrell Cartrip... we see white teeth but not the rest of his mouth... the clown mouth single is the second one from the left in the following photo:

    World of Cars

    Darrell Cartrip made his next appearance in the World of Cars (WOC) series... I have both US and International versions...

    Here's the International version:

    Here's a close-up showing the Car and the tag:

    I like the other names: Chris Dinner and Johan Motoren... I like the Greek name as well but am not going to make an attempt to type it... I collected several International versions of Cars in the WOC series because I liked the names.

    And here's a special autographed US version:

    I paid $19.99 for a Darrell Waltrip autographed version of the Car...

    The only difference between the US and international versions is the name tag in the blister and the back of the cardback... the non-autographed US version is just like autographed version (minus the autograph)... I've posted photos of my autographed Darrell Cartrip card on other sites; one day I was viewing the great French World of Cars forum and noticed they didn't have a photo of the autographed version... I contacted an administrator by PM and asked if they would like to add a photo of mine to their forum... You can see it at:

    Darrell Cartrip also appeared as a WOC Movie Moments with Bob Cutlass:

    Here's the cardback:

    The Darrell Cartrip in my 2 pack has the clown mouth (white mouth)... there may be a version with the corrected mouth, but I don't have it in my collection and I am OK with that... Really, I am.

    Race O Rama

    Darrell Cartrip also was released in the Race O Rama series... The ROR version is the corrected mouth version:

    Notice how the mouth is both black and white, just like the card.

    I also have the International version of the ROR Darrell Cartrip single... probably 4 or 5 of them, courtesy of great UK friends including Rippers and MrBrownstone and others... I may add a photo later.

    A Race o Rama version of the Darrell Cartrip/Bob Cutlass Movie Moment was released... The French forum shows an international carded version... I may or may not have one... Many of you know exactly how many Cars you have; I don't.

    Not all of the announced ROR Movie Moments were released in the US... like many product lines, case assortments gave the appearance that the Movie Moments weren't selling so retailers quit ordering them... in reality, certain pegwarmers didn't sell as many as were made.

    Night Skyline

    My favorite Darrell Cartrip appeared as a Chase Car in the Night Skyline series... Darrell Cartrip with metallic (Ransburg) paint... I love the way the metallic paint Cars look, and Darrell Cartrip is no exception.

    I'll try to add close up photos later.

    A lenticular version of Darrell Cartrip appeared as part of a Night Skyline 3 pack with Race Official Tom and Bob Cutlass... I bought one for a UK friend but did not buy one for myself... I bought Lenticular singles but have since sold most of them... I only bought a couple lenticular 3 packs for myself... it got to the point where I became disillusioned with the entire "Look my eyes change" series.


    Darrell Cartrip also appears in Cars2; Brent Mustangburger replaces Bob Cutlass... the above photo contains the Bob and Darrell 2 pack from the first 2 Movie Moments cases... it is the Porto Corsa cardback... however, Bob and Darrell don't match their positions on the card - they are reversed... Mattel "corrected" this in case C... I don't recall if I every bought the case C version or not... I also have the international version of this Movie Moments thanks to cvc1968.

    The Brent/Darrell Movie Moments was also released in 2012 case A... I like the Tokyo cardback theme... While Brent is the exclusive Car, look who is featured on the card itself - yes, it's Darrell:

    Darrell is also featured on the back of the card:

    This 2012 case A, which also included the Professor Z/Acer with Helment and Ka-Ciao McQueen/Francesco 2 packs, was the only 2012 Movie Moments case released in the US as of today (July 4, 2013)... a second case with Mama/Uncle Topolino, Miles/Cleaning Pittys, and Miguel Camino/Petro Cartalina, has seen a very limited release in the UK and Europe... And once again, it wasn't that the 2 packs didn't sell... it was the case assortment which caused retailers to get stuck with non-selling product.

    Tokyo Race Day 7 pack

    Darrell Cartrip was also released in the Target Exclusive Tokyo Race Day 7 pack... For several weeks I said I wasn't going to buy that 7 pack for one exclusive Car, David Hobbscapp... and I didn't... and then I heard that both Darrell Cartrip and Brent Mustangburger were now one piece unibody diecasts... unibody Cars look much better in my opinion... So I went to a Target store and put one in my cart... when I got up to the checkout I look more closely and discovered that the 7 pack I had did not have unibody Brent and Darrell... so I went back and got another one - I verified that it had the unibody versions of Brent and Darrell... I resent paying $30 for 1 new Car out of 7... 1 new Car and 2 unibody upgrades is not quite as painful but I still am somewhat resentful... Dadgum Mattel and Target!

    Lights and Sounds

    Darrell Cartrip was released in the Lights and Sounds product line... while he did not say his most famous saying, he did have some good quotes:

    1. Engine revs
    2. Welcome to the World Grand Prix
    3. The track is looking slick
    4. David,who's your favorite to win today?
    5. Lightning McQueen is passing Francesco
    6. Who's that drafting Lightning?
    7. Lightning McQueen is looking good

    No "Boogity, boogity, let's go racing boys"

    I like the Lights and Sounds products... Darrell is no exception.

    2013 cardback

    The most recent release of Darrell Cartrip is from the 2013 series Singles case G... I ordered some from JMDL Toys and have also seen (and left) it at both Target and Meijer stores.

    Here is Darrell with headset both opened and carded:

    And here's a close-up where I first noticed it was also a variant with a new mouth:

    That mouth almost looks a little "Mater-like" to me with how the teeth appear - Darrell actually has individual teeth!

    In Conclusion

    Like most Cars, I think Darrell Cartrip looks better out of the package than in the package... Here are a few photos showing 4 of the 5 variants of Darrell Cartrip:

    (From left to right, Darrell with headset, clown mouth Darrell, Cars2 2 piece Darrell, Darrell with metallic paint)

    (From left to right, Darrell with headset, clown mouth Darrell, Cars2 2 piece Darrell, Darrell with metallic paint)

    Somewhere I have another photo that shows the first 4 variants; I couldn't find one of my Darrell Cartips when I decided to take pictures tonight.

    Many thanks for reading... as always, I appreciate your comments.

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    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    I can only say Mattel next favourite car after McQueen and Mater is Darrell!
    Even Finn don't get this much love :P


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      that's alotta Darrell
      nice article Chris


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        chris, your best article to date, naturally


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          Great article Chris,

          If I might add one thing, is that L&S Darrell's mouth is similar to the "clown" except MUCH improved in that you can clearly see two rows of teeth and a mouth in between. It's why I didn't bother with 2013 Darrell. That and he shouts "put the pedal to the metal!" lol.


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            Nice Chris...

            I still have the Lenticular 3-pack boxed. I'll dig it out, take the picture and then let you have the link if you'd like


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              Very nice article.


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                Great article! I am happy to say I have collected them ll.


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                  I have the corrected Darrel and Brent multipack somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment. I'm also pretty sure I took a picture of it sometime but I can't find that either! I'll keep searching.

                  Great article once again Chris!


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                    We got a lenty Darrell, a metallic paint Darrell. and 2 fixed eyed ones that came in the 2 packs with Bob and Brent. Never got the L&S Darrell. Looking forward to finding the one with headphones, and then I think we will be done with Darrell.

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                      Love this post! One if my favorites

                      I am a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                        That's funny right there! You said that he actually has individual teeth...that's his tounge!

                        Ka-Chigga, Ka-Chow, and Ka-Ciao! - DjB


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                          Originally posted by DjB View Post
                          That's funny right there! You said that he actually has individual teeth...that's his tounge!
                          A white tongue? Stranger things have happened... time to look at Darrell with headset under the magnifying glass.

                          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                            Lenticular 3-pack:

                            Both Porto Corsa Movie Moments 2-packs:

                            U.S. and International (second version) World of Cars cardbacks signed by Darrell Cartrip (Darrell Waltrip):

                            Error with U.S. Professor Z & Acer with Helmet on International Darrell & Brent cardback:

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                              Thank you for sharing your Darrell Cartrip photos, John in Missouri.

                              Both autographed WOC versions are quite nice... nice packaging error on the Prof Z/Acer with Helmet/Darrell Cartrip Movie Moment.

                              I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom