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A History of SDCC and Cars

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  • A History of SDCC and Cars

    Every so often, Mattel makes available special Cars available to purchase either at the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) event and/or at In this post, I'll talk about these exclusives and show pictures.

    SDCC 2008 - Lightning Storm McQueen

    The first exclusive Car in this category was the 2008 SDCC Lightning Storm McQueen... This Car featured a ransburg paint job and rubber tires... it was packaged in an acrylic display case...

    Here are some photos (I have included the "regular" Lightning Storm McQueen in a couple of them for comparision):

    The 2008 SDCC was held between July 24 and July 28... A friend of mine bought one for me at the event and shipped it out later... I believe it was $20 plus shipping... this Car has gone up in value - I picked up another one for around $35 in the spring of 2010... It's listed on eBay (July 6, 2011) for between $50 and $57 plus shipping.

    SDCC 2009 - Rescue Squad Mater

    The 2009 SDCC was held between July 23 and July 27... The Cars exclusive item was from the Cars Toon line... it was the ransburg edition of the Rescue Squad Mater set... Not only were the Cars special, the box included the ability to display flames.

    GOMATERGO and I each ordered one from someone on TakeFiveADay who was going to the event just in case there were problems with the MattyCollector order and fulfillment site; as fulfillment is done by Digital River, there have been issues.

    I also ordered a few on after the event when there were some left...

    In my opinion, this is a very nice set... There was a regular 4 piece Rescue Squad Mater Cars Toon set that included non-ransburg versions of these 3 Cars as well as a Rescue Squad Chopper... This SDCC exclusive is currently listed for between $42 and $70 on eBay.

    SDCC 2010 - Tokyo Mater

    SDCC 2010 was July 22 - July 25... For the second consecutive year, a Cars Toon item was the exclusive Car... Tokyo Mater with flames... here are some photos:

    I believe the Tokyo Mater exclusive sold for $15 plus shipping/tax... it was available online at after SDCC had ended... It is currently listed on eBay for between $50 and $70.

    It was during this sale that I noticed that more than just Cars exclusives were made for SDCC... I was able to purchase one of these from another friend in California; it sold out during the SDCC event and is now listed for between $69 and $90 on eBay.

    I ain't afraid of no ghosts...

    2011 - Barry Diesel

    After not having any new Cars items on for quite a while (Matty has had the reputation of being a joke), 2011 featured Barry Diesel - a Dinoco guzzling RV... This item was announced towards the end of Winter 2011 and went on sale on Matty on April 15, 2011... I ordered several - I helped out several friends who were unable to order... this was my smoothest transaction involving the Digital River ordering system...

    The Car was not cheap - it was $25 plus shipping and tax per each one - it's a large Deluxe Car no larger than a hauler... I think it's a great looking Car...

    Here are pictures:

    The one that I opened is housed in one of my Carney Plastics display cases:

    A lot of people feel that this item was too expensive... they may be right... it's still available for purchase on as of July 6, 2011.

    All the other SDCC Cars exclusives have long since sold out on the Matty site... that includes the 1:24 scale items which have shown up at a few retailers who liquidate products... and some of the SDCC exclusives sold out at the event and never were available to purchase online.

    2011 SDCC

    Many collectors have been asking what special Cars item will be the 2011 SDCC exclusive... We've been told that there will not be one available... I wonder if it's because of all the new Cars2 products that have been available for the last 2 to 3 month - maybe Mattel was afraid it would be lost in the shuffle or that we've spent so much money on Cars2 items that we wouldn't have money left... Who knows... I'm not worried about it... my wallet may enjoy a few weeks to recover...

    In conclusion

    I'm glad that these special Cars have been available to purchase online... I wish Mattel would better utilize I know I would gladly purchase the remaining Cars Team Crew Sets (crew chief and pittys) if they were available to buy online... I'd also buy the remaining haulers or hauler/racer/pitty sets as well as the Pit Row Race-off launchers... If they'd put just one on sale each month... they wouldn't have had to mess with retailers who got burned on poor case assortments and illogical distribution... but that's another story...

    Thanks for reading...
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    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    So love these in depth articles about the cars we know and love, but especially love the Matty/SDCC exclusives..I'm glad I have had the luck to own most of these exclusives bar the SDCC Rescue Squad set as I was a smidge late on the order but glad I still have what I have. lovemini recently got me a opened SDCC Tokyo Mater which now I have the pleasure in watching my son play with rather than have the exclusives unopened on a shelf..
    good post


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      I kind of wish I had ordered a Tokyo Mater but still don't like the flames. I waited for a regular deluxe version without the flames, but only ended up getting one with no flames but now with oil stains! Good thing I bought it when I did, because I have never seen it again. Only time I ever saw Chuy either. I have the clean plastic version from the playset, so I guess that will have to do for now.

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        Great write up Chris
        Makes me wish I had started collecting cars earlier to have been able to find these w/o breaking the bank
        I hope some new ones show up in the months ahead


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          Hey cvc1968, thanks to Barry Diesel and you being willing to wait for him, we got hooked up with some real nice cars! They are still unopened and are in the rotation of Cars standing by to be opened! Those two are to be the final Cars 1 cars we have left to break open just because they are awesome!

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            Nice write up

            Hmm, this looks interesting though: I've not actually ordered from matty before, as i always presumed its for US homeowners only.. :/ These available for UK'ers?


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              Originally posted by L33t0nG View Post
              Nice write up

              Hmm, this looks interesting though: I've not actually ordered from matty before, as i always presumed its for US homeowners only.. :/ These available for UK'ers?

              I can confirm Matty sure does post to the UK, I have had only one problem with their distributors and after a short mail it was quickly resolved...would without a doubt shop again


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                Originally posted by Ru5ty View Post
                I can confirm Matty sure does post to the UK, I have had only one problem with their distributors and after a short mail it was quickly resolved...would without a doubt shop again
                Hmm.. I don't know if to pre order that Mcqueen then, it looks rather funky, as the Matty collector items seems to be profitable if i don't like it :/ lol


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                  Sure try your luck and get a feel for it with a nice wee order for Mr Diesel lol, you wont be disappointed....I wasn't, twice...


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                    The 2008 SDCC Lightning Storm McQueen was the reason I never bought a Deluxe Lightning Storm McQueen. It would just sit there looking inferior.

                    Update: Saw a Lightning Storm hanging on the pegs yesterday in Toys R Us. On sale for same price as a single. Couldn't resist anymore and bought it. Now Holley with Wings will have someone to fly with. (She can't keep up with Marco) Now if we get a SDCC Lightning Storm, we can leave it in the clear plastic case.
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                      Whilst looking at madbobs threads i stumbled upon the NEW (Well i think) Matty Collector:



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                        I have the RSM set and also LSMQ thanks to an auction for Nathans Playroom (managed to get a FWD promo, SidewallShine Promo and N20 Cola promo also)


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                          Great article Chris. Was wondering if the rescue squad Mater was Mattel 1:55 and now I see that it is, somebody outbid me for this item on eBay last night and it still went for under $30 (the listing ended at 2am). My only other question would be, how do I get a Barry Diesel for $25...


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                            If you find out, let me know!! Ha ha.

                            Ka-Chigga, Ka-Chow, and Ka-Ciao! - DjB


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                              Didn't find him for $25, but I did find him for $39.99 with free shipping on Amazon...had a $25 gift card from work so it was a no brainer for me...there are 2 more available as of 2pm if anyone is interested...