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  • Respect the Classics: Display Cases

    We love Cars... we like to look at them... we like to play with them... storing and organizing them can be a little bit of a challenge.

    Some people build or use wooden display cases... Some people use glass shelves... some use plexiglass display cases... some of us mount them on the walls... others stack them in front of furniture... regardless of what you use, they aren't cheap... but neither are the Cars that they store.

    I made the choice to use plexiglass display cases to store my loose display collection... I have 4 custom built display cases made by Deano from I have 6 Carney Plastics display cases... I have almost $1200.00 in my 10 display cases... I also have some smaller display cases that hold 1 single Car... I buy mine at Hobby Lobby for about $9 per 6 pack... other companies also sell display cases.

    In this installment of Respect the Classics, we'll look at display cases.

    Custom Built Display cases
    When I got my first 2 custom built display cases, I thought they would hold all my Cars and I'd never need to purchase any more... I was wrong.

    Custom built display case - cover slides left or right... Holds around 45 Cars - these are all Cars 2 Cars:

    These display cases do mount nicely on the wall.

    Custom built display case - cover slides up... this is my set of 36 Kmart rubber tire Piston Cup racers (with a custom Apple):

    The display case works better on a table top or shelf as opposed to being wall mounted... currently 2 of my 4 custom display cases are empty but I'm sure that will change... I still have several boxes of display Cars ready to be placed in display cases.

    Carney Plastics Display Cases
    Soon I realized I needed display cases that held more Cars... I did a little research and select Carney Plastics display cases... you can order them from their website... you can order them from their eBay store... or you can order them from a reseller... I selected a reseller because it was cheaper to buy them that way and have them drop shipped (to my house) than it was to order them directly from Carney Plastics.

    Carney Plastics gives you some flexibility when you order their products... you can choose a mirrored back or a clear back... I chose clear back because that's how my custom built display cases were made... some people choose mirrored back which gives more of a reflection of what you're displaying.

    I now have 2 SA-100 display cases... these hold 100 Cars and 10 smaller Cars or pittys... the SA means side angle - you see a front and a side view of the Car.
    Here's my new and currently empty SA-100 - I just got it yesterday and put it up today.

    Here's my filled SA-100 - it currently holds Walmart 8, Piston Cup racers, Final Lap singles, and a few others.

    The SA holds singles as well as smaller Deluxe Cars such as Marco Axelbender and Richard Clayton Kensington... but if you want to hold larger Deluxe Cars, haulers, or launchers you need another style display case... I selected the 21/24 series... the /24 means they were designed for the 1:24 scale NASCAR cars... the 21 means there were 21 compartments - 7 rows with 3 compartments per row.

    I had 3 CP-21/24 display cases with dividers... the dividers meant 3 compartments per row... when I ordered my 4th one a week ago I inadvertently ordered it with no dividers:
    CP-21/24 (no dividers)

    But that actually turned out well - I can display 5 launchers per row which means I can get 35 of my Pit Row Race-off launchers in the display case... Mattel released 19 of them for sale... GotFrank made the other 17 for me as well as a couple PCD custom launchers.

    Here is a CP-21/24 (with dividers) - it currently holds Toons, Cars 2, and a few Star Wars Cars.

    Here is another CP-21/24 with dividers - currently holds some Piston Cup racer haulers and launchers, a few Deluxe Cars and boxed sets, Barry Diesel, and my Mattel El Materdor Cars... I can only get 3 launchers per row... you can get one hauler per compartment but can put Cars beside the hauler.

    Here is part of my Cars Corner in my new room:

    Here are my first 4 Carney display cases:

    Carney Plastics also makes display cases for 1/64 scale, 1/43 scale, 1/32 and 1/18 scale cars.

    The Carney Plastics display cases come with covers that you can put on the display case... when I fill my display cases I put the cover on.

    And now that I have my 2 newest display cases up on the wall, I can finally open some more Cars - I've not opened very many since February 2014, back before we moved.

    Single display cases

    Sometimes I want single display cases - I get these at Hobby Lobby:

    There are 6 per box... the price ranges from $7.99 to $9.99 plus tax... Mater and The King are too big for these display cases, but most singles will fit.

    Here is the box UPC:

    I believe M2 also makes single display cases... some of you have found them at Walmart stores but I never have... although I'm usually looking for Cars at Walmart and not display cases.

    Greenlight Display Cases:

    I went to Hobby Lobby today to look for a car for Scavenger... they didn't have it... but I did see a new display case I hadn't seen before... the Greenlight Display Case... acrylic... holds 6 Cars... the compartments are 4" long and 2" deep - they hold Cars like Mater and The King - Cars that are too long for the Hobby Lobby single display cases.

    Here's the back of the box and display case:

    Notice how a single display case fits inside one compartment:

    With a single display case on top:

    The retail price is $12.99... I used a 40% off coupon to get it for $7.80... it includes 2 wall anchors and 2 screws... I'm not sure I'd mount these on the wall... that's a lot of holes to drill... they do interlock...

    I won't buy at full price... but I might buy more at 40% off...

    In conclusion

    Storing your Cars is important... you don't want to leave them on the floor where a small child or pet could get them... or someone could step on a Car and break it or hurt themselves... Mattel doesn't have many storage solutions... they released a Fan Stand unit as well as a carrying case - but you can't really see what you're storing.

    I am also in the process of converting one of my 2 audio piers into a Cars or Planes storage unit... I also have bookcases that I use to display carded Cars items as well as boxes of Cars... my wife would like me to get all my Cars boxes out of the middle of the floor... and so would I... I anticipate getting furniture that will allow me to display my Radiator Springs playsets and buildings and my Cars Speedway (from the Cars 2 Charge N Race Speedway) on a table top like surface and store boxes of extras underneath... once all the boxes are out of the way there would be room for a pool table, but I'd rather have a Cars table that I could use for staging pictures or playing Cars with my grandchildren.

    Thanks for reading... As always, I appreciate your comments... and as you reply, show us your display cases.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Nice article, Chris. I might have to get some of those Carney Cases.
    Kenny, age 13

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      Great stuff! Like the new room!


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        Gaskits is in the display twice. Hee hee.


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          Originally posted by Raginpage View Post
          Gaskits is in the display twice. Hee hee.
          Nice eye, Raginpage...

          The Kmart version of the rubber tire Gask-Its has the light blue rims... a few people found a rubber tire Gask-Its with black rims... I wanted one but didn't find it... the black rim Gask-Its is a custom by GotFrank.

          That's why there are 2 versions of Gask-Its in the rubber tire racer display case.

          There are also 2 French Promo Gask-Its in display cases... one is in the SA-100 and the other is in the SA-100 in the upper left corner (of the 4)... you can never have too many Gask-Its... or Cars... well maybe you can... but I'll never admit to it.

          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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            I currently have 2 of the Carney SA-100 cases filled and our Piston Cup and WGP racers are in single M2 display cases. I think I'm pretty much almost done collecting Cars and still need another SA-100 and one for the deluxe Cars to be able to display them all. Right now because my kids are still interested in Planes, I'm sort of still in, but I don't go Cars hunting anywhere near as much as I used to.

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              This gives me a lot of ideas, great article!!
              AKA Tmremote


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                Awesome article! I like those cases!


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                  i think my next cars purchase will be an SA 100 case.


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                    Updated the article to show pictures of the Greenlight display case that holds 6 singles... compartments are 4" long by 2"... Mater and The King (and other longer Cars) fit.

                    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom