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  • RTC: My Mater from Tokyo

    With apologies to Deep Purple... I happened to be thinking about their song "My Woman From Tokyo" earlier and had an idea for a parody... here's My Mater from Tokyo.

    Tokyo Mater is one of the Toons in the Mater's Tall Tales series... Mater and McQueen go to Tokyo...and an interesting time is had by all... we saw lots of great Cars in that short that have been released in the Cars Toon series... several of them have been re-released in the 2014 Cars Toon series... hopefully they'll re-release others such as Bye Bye Kar, Cho, Yojibmo, Tabinu, and Kabuto Ninja... but in this installment of Respect the Classes we'll take a look at the various releases of Mater from the Tokyo Mater Tall Tale.

    Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains (Deluxe)

    Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains was released as a Deluxe Car... it's probably my second favorite Mater in the Tall Tale... I only saw it a couple of times in stores and bought all the ones I saw... today I'm down to only one carded one... I sent the others onto friends... I love the detail in the paint job:

    Here's the back of the card:

    Did I mention that I love the detail in the paint job?

    Of course I did... Hopefully Tokyo Mater with oil stains will be re-released, because it's very expensive on eBay today - prices range up to $165.00 plus shipping.

    Tokyo Mater/Drift Party Mater

    Sometimes I buy Cars without paying close attention to what I am buying... the above picture is no exception... I thought that I was taking a photo of the same Mater in both carded and opened format... as it turns out, the opened Mater is Drift Party Mater - Mater has no hood... the Mater in the Walmart exclusive boxed set is Tokyo Mater - Tokyo Mater has a hood... Drift Party Mater is the basic tow truck with the Tokyo Mater paint job... Tokyo Mater is basically Tokyo Mater with oil stains without the oil stains.

    The eyes and mouth are different... Tokyo Mater has side mirrors and Drift Party Mater does not... Drift Party Mater was re-released as a Cars Toon single in 2014... Drift Party Mater was also released as a single in the original Toon card series... I think I still have a carded Drift Party Mater single from the original series, but I haven't bought a Drift Party Mater from the 2014 re-release series yet.

    Here's the back of the 3 pack box:

    SDCC Tokyo Mater

    The San Diego Comic Con Tokyo Mater released in 2010 is my favorite Mater from the Tall Tale... I like the detail of the paint job... the design... and the light up display box is very, very nice... the flames coming out the exhaust are very nice:

    Now that they've released the Tunerz with flames, I'd like to see Kabuto and Daredevil McQueen released with flames.

    Did I mention that I liked the light up display box?

    Tokyo Mater is also impressed with the light up display box.

    I bought one SDCC Tokyo Mater from someone who attended the 2010 event... I picked up a couple more within the last 6 months... it's now available on eBay for as low as $14.99 plus shipping.

    Here's a picture showing the back of the box as well as the white box that it came in:

    In Conclusion

    Here are a few photos showing my opened Tokyo Mater Maters...

    From left to right, Drift Party Mater, Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains, and SDCC Tokyo Mater.

    Rear shot:

    From left to right, SDCC Tokyo Mater, Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains, and Drift Party Mater.

    Here's a picture showing the bottom of the Cars... the SDCC Tokyo Mater has a chrome-like undercarriage to better help reflect the lights from the light up display box:

    From left to right, Drift Party Mater, SDCC Tokyo Mater, Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains.

    I'm going to have to look through my Cars Toon singles to see what others I have... I've not opened the new Walmart 3 pack yet but I may.

    Thanks for reading... as always, I appreciate your comments.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Great article!
    Kenny, age 13

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      good stuff, like the broken mirror on dpm


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        Great article Chris! Tokyo Mater has always been one of my favorites also. I remember watching the short with my then 3 year old back in 2010 and we used to act out that race all the time. We lucked out and were able to get all the diecasts released from it so far. There are many more they could still do though.

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          Tokyo Mater is by far my kids favorite short. Still hope the come back with wooden moderfied mater!! Nice article Chris.


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            Cool article, Tokyo Mater is one of our favorites as well. I think we've managed to get most of the released characters from that short except for Tokyo Mater with oil stains...


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              Nice Article!


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                Great article on Tokyo Mater. That is my all time favorite Toons.