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RSC: SDCC Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet

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  • RSC: SDCC Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet

    Yesterday I received my package containing the 2016 SDCC Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet... I opened it this morning and took a few quick photos using my iPhone... I'll take more photos later and do some comparison shots to other Doc Hudson/Fabulous Hudson Hornet Cars... but for now, enjoy this part of Respect the Classics: SDCC Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

    It came wrapped in white paper (photo to be added)... I removed the paper from one that was torn - here's the outer box:

    Here's a blurry picture of the back of the outer box:

    Here's the newspaper box which is next:

    The inner box slides out of the newspaper box:

    Here's the newspaper box on top of the inner box:

    Here's the inner box - note that it opens:

    It opens by pivoting on the bottom of the inner box:

    Nice display but no display case like we get with the other Precision Series singles:

    Looks like the floor of Doc's Museum... and the stand is secured to the inner box by velcro.

    27 wins in 1952! 3 Piston Cups!

    Looks like Doc's engine has been fully restored to glory:

    Nice Piston Cups:

    Hudson Hornet, Champion... 1951, 1952, 1953.

    Thanks to Paul Richard for picking mine up for me and helping many other collectors- it was $50 shipped in the US... I don't mind paying a little extra because of the expenses involved in going to SDCC... Paul had some extras available for purchase.

    I'll add more photos later... this is definitely one of the nicer SDCC and/or D23 offerings.

    Did you buy one yet? Are you going to? I don't know if we'll see these available on or not... which means eBay may be the route you have to go... unless you want to wait and see if Amazon gets some like they did the Neon Racer 2 pack almost 18 months after SDCC 2014.


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    Great article! I feel like there were some better choices for the SDCC Exclusive, such as Trev and Syd Vandercamper, but this is still a nice set. I bought two from GetMeCollectibles. Can't wait to get them!
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      the D23 stuff will always be better then the SDCC stuff