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    As a spin off from the first Cars film a number of short episodes ("shorts") were created that followed Mater and his imagination. The episodes are usually based around something that happens in Radiator Springs where Mater then goes on to tell a tale about how he was involved in such a story in his past. Usually part way through the episode Lightening McQueen would appear (immediately after him calling Mater's bluff). At the end of each episode something would appear on screen to indicate that there may be some truth in the tale. These episodes were also known as "Mater's Tall Tales".

    To date there have been 9 Cars Toon episodes released. A brief synopsis of each episode can be found below along with details of the 1:55 diecast cars released to date associated with each short. Keep your eye on the Checklist room on this forum for the "official" PCD collectors checklist for each short.

    Rescue Squad Mater

    This episode is initiated from Mater and Lightening McQueen driving passed Red when Mater claims that he was once a

    famous fire truck. In this short Mater rescues Lightening McQueen from a burnt building and then operates on him in

    surgery as Dr Mater (along with nurses Mia, Tia and Kori Turbowitz). At the end in Radiator Springs a yellow nurse

    drives passed indicating that the story may be real!

    Related Mattel Diecast Cars released with Rescue Squad mater were:

    • Burnt Lightning McQueen
    • Dr. Mater (mask down)
    • Dr. Mater (mask up)
    • Nurse GTO
    • Nurse Kori
    • Orderly Pitties (2-pack)
    • Rescue Squad Trooper
    • Soaked Lightning McQueen

    "Mega Size" singles
    • Rescue Squad Ambulance
    • Rescue Squad Chopper
    • Rescue Squad Mater

    SDCC 2009 Exclusive
    • Ransburg Finish Rescue Squad mater, Dalmatian Mia, Dalmatian Tia (plus "light up" box with flames!)

    4-Car Box Sets
    • Burnt Lightning McQueen, Dr. Mater (mask down), Nurse Mia, Nurse Tia
    • Rescue Squad Chopper, Dalmatian Mia, Dalmatian Tia, Rescue Squad Mater

    Mater the Greater

    This episode is initiated at Flo's V8 Cafe when Mater does a stunt jump and hits some cans, then proclaims that he was once a famous daredevil / stunt car.

    In the short Mater does a few stunts witnessed by his two groupies, Mia and Tia, along with Buck the Tooth Vendor (akin to Brian) including jumps, ramps, cannons and fire. Lightening McQueen joins Mater for Maters greatest ever stunt, jumping Carburetor Canyon. At the end in Radiator Springs Mater drives off followed by his stunt pitties, Lug & Nutty indicating that the story may be real!

    Related Mattel Diecast Cars released with Mater the Greater were:

    • Scared Daredevil Lightning McQueen
    • "Townie"
    • Lug & Nutty
    • Big Fan
    • Lug & Nutty with Oil Cans

    "Mega Size" and "Deluxe" singles
    • Aviator Mater
    • Cannonball Mater
    • Props McGee
    • Stunt Driving Mater
    • High Dive Mater
    • Buck The Tooth Vendor
    • Daredevil Lightning McQueen (w/no teeth and w/unlit fuse)

    4-Car Box Sets
    • Daredevil Lightning McQueen with Teeth, Lug, Props McGee, Mater the Aviator
    • Mater the Greater, Lug (w/teeth), Nutty (w/teeth), High Dive Mater
    • Lug (w/teeth), Rocket Mater, Mater Fan Mia (w/teeth), Mater Fan Tia (w/teeth)
    • Lug, Nutty, Daredevil Lightning McQueen (w/flames and w/no teeth), Buck The Tooth Vendor


    Whilst driving by a group of bulldozers in Radiator Springs, Mater claims that he was once a famous bulldozer fighter. In the short Mater is suddenly transported to Spain where he fights a famous Bulldozer called Chuy, who almost kills Mater. When Mater is faced against a group of bulldozers who surroud Mater Lightenign McQueen appears whom the bulldozers chase due to his red paintwork. At the end in Radiator Springs a herd of bulldozers appear who chase Lightening McQueen indicating that the tale may be true!

    Related Mattel Diecast Cars released with El-Materdor were:

    "Mega Size" Singles
    • El-Materdor
    • Chuy
    • Padre

    Unidentified Flying Mater

    At Casa Della Tyres, when Guido is removing a wheel trim / hubcap it flies passed Mater and Lightening McQueen when Mater claims it was a UFO, and he would know as he'd seen one before. Mater then tells the tale about how he'd met Mator and tought him how to fly backwards and how to tip tractors in return for Mator teaching Mater how to fly. Mator then gets captured by the military and Mater then goes in to rescue him (disguised as Dr Abschlepp Wagen). Lightening McQueen joins Mater and Mator when they are escaping from the military just before a large UFO "beams" them aboard befroe dropping them off back at Radiator Springs. At the end in Radiator Springs as Lightening McQueen drives off Mater then flies by Fillmore and Sarge indicating that the story may be true!

    Related Mattel Diecast Cars released with Unidentified Flying Mater were:

    • Dr. Abschlepp Wagen
    • Mator with Oil Cans
    • Lug and Nutty with Oil Cans

    "Mega Size" Singles
    • Captain Munier
    • Corporal Kim

    Tokyo Mater

    One day in Radiator Springs 3 of the Turnerz (Boost, Wingo & DJ) "drift" passed Flo's V8 Cafe leading Mater to tell the tale that he used to be an import car.

    Mater's motto is that "no tow is too far" so when he picks up Ito San from Route 66 he tows him all the way to Tokyo. There he accidently bumps into a gang leader known as Kabuto who challenges him to a drift race. Mater then receives some modifications and begins the race. Part way through the race Mater is acosted by some of Katuto's Ninja's when Lightening McQueen shows up to beat the Ninja's away from Mater. Just at the last minute Mater uses his tow hook to pull himself to the top of Tokyo Tower to win the race.

    At the end in Radiator Springs Mater appears with wooden boxes resembling what he looked like with his modifications.

    NOTE: Mike and Sulley make cameo appearances in this short where Mater and Lightening McQueen cut through the building

    Related Mattel Diecast Cars released with Tokyo Mater were:

    • Dragon Lightning McQueen with Metallic Finish (with 2010 Collector Guide)
    • Dragon Lightning McQueen with Oil Stains
    • Dragon Lightning McQueen
    • Komodo
    • Cho
    • Yokoza
    • Ito San
    • Kabuto
    • Drift Party Mater
    • Kaa Reesu
    • Kyandee
    • Manji
    • Stripped Kabuto
    • Ninja
    • Teki & Paki
    • Patokaa
    • Van-San
    • Bye Bye Kar
    • Tabinu
    • Yojimbo

    Mega Size Singles
    • Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains
    • Tokyo Mater with Flames (SDCC Exclusive)

    Monster Truck Mater

    Whilst Lightening McQueen and Mator were at Flo's V8 Cafe a Monster truck drove passed and Mater claims that he wrestled bigger when he was a Monster truck Wrestler.

    Mater tells the story about when he wrestled in the "MTW" when he was the amazing Tormentor. He used his tow hook to beat wrestlers such as the I-Screamer, Paddy O'Concrete and Dr Feel Bad. When The Tormentor faces his biggest opponent (Dr. Frankenwagon's Monster) he enlists the help of his tag team partner "Frightening McMean" before Mater defeats his opponent by flipping the wrestling ring upside down.

    At the end in Radiator Springs, The Tormentors biggest fan appears requesting Maters autograph indicating that the tale may be real!

    • Referee Pitty with Bell

    Mega Size Singles
    • Frightening McMean
    • The Tormentor
    • Dr. Feel Bad
    • Rasta Carian
    • Rasta Mater
    • I-Screamer
    • I-Screamer's Biggest Fan
    • Tormentor's Biggest Fan
    • Beanie Hat Mater

    3-Car Box Sets
    • Frightening McMean, The Tormentor & Dr. Feel Bad (Toys R Us Exclusive)
    • Frightening McMean, Beanie Mater & I-Screamer (Toys R Us Exclusive)
    • Frightening McMean, Rasta Mater & Rasta Carian (Toys R Us Exclusive)

    Heavy Metal Mater

    One karaoke night at Flo's V8 Cafe Mater boasts that he doesn't want to sing as he'll "steal the show" as he used to be a rock star.

    Mater started off as a band playing in his garage along with Eddie & Rocky on the guitars and a Pitty Drummer who then turned pro when a music Agent known as Dex (akin to Tex Dinoco) signed them up, when they became world famous. Later Mater told how Lightening McQueen was also in the band as the keyboard player.

    At the end in Radiator Springs a huge Heavy Metal Mater balloon appears in the sky.

    Related Mattel Diecast Cars released with Heavy Metal Mater were:

    • Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen
    • Eddie & Rocky
    • Dex
    • Rodney the Rocker

    4-Car Box Sets
    • Heavy Metal Mater 4-Pack - Heavy Metal Mater, Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen, Rocky & Eddie

    Mega Size Singles
    • Music Video Mater

    Moon Mater

    One evening in Radiator Springs, Mater and Lightening McQueen are driving around when they see the moon and Mater claims that he's been there.

    Mater is summoned to Florida as "Houston" has a problem - there's a car stuck on the moon requiring a tow. Mater then attends some training at "NASCA"to become an Auto-naut and then heads off for the moon inside Roger, the space shuttle. When at the moon, Mater hooks up the broken down car and heads back to Earth at 17,000mph but is then passed by Lightening McQueen who is travelling even faster. The two then return to Earth safely.

    At the end in Radiator Springs Roger arrives requesting Mater's help again as "Houston" has another problem - Mater then leaves with Roger.

    No diecast cars for this short have been released to date, although there are rumours (reported on Take5aday) that they further Toons diecasts will be released for Christmas 2011.

    Mater Private Eye

    One day in Radiator Springs Lightening McQueen has flat tyres when Mater announces that he thought he'd solved that mystery when he was a Private Investigator.

    Mater then explains about the time he investigated the crime when Mia was carnapped when she was working at Big D's nightclub, the "Carbacabana" and how he tracked down where she was held captive by Big D. Liutenant Lightening McQueen later shows up as the police and Maters help to arrest Big D and also prove that he is selling counterfeit tyres.

    At the end in Radiator Springs, Laverne (from the Carbacabana) shows up telling everyone to Conga.

    No diecast cars for this short have been released to date, although there are rumours (reported on Take5aday) that further Toons diecasts will be released for Christmas 2011.

    Mater's Tall Tales is available for purchase on DVD and Bluray and is scheduled to be included as part of the upcoming John Lassester Autographed Director's Cut.
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    Great write up! I love this site... these are my sons favourite cartoons
    I have them loaded on my blackberry, iphone and ipad to use as distraction tools
    My fav is Moon Mater, and my sons love Tokyo Mater
    I often hear them yell 'Dragon Style!"


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      Great article, MrBrownstone! My grandchildren and I enjoy the Mater's Tall Tales... I have all the diecasts from the Rescue Squad Mater short, and most of the rest of the ones that have been released so far... I actually did pass on a few of the 4 packs when the retail price went up to $29.99... If new Toons for Moon Mater and Mater Private Eye are released, I'll buy the Maters for sure, and definitely Roger the space shuttle... It's a pity that too many Lug and Nut pittys have got me thinking about passing on the pittys... we'll have to see what the future brings in the way of diecasts...

      It was nice to see some of the Toons from Tokyo Mater appear in Cars2... in a few ways, the new movie reminded me of a long Mater Tall Tale.

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        Sweet sweet article Mr B, well done!


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          very good article! great job. I love Roger, I hope I can see it one day.


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            This DVD has gotten more play than Cars 1 since it was released last November. Before than we had 7 of them on the DVR and they got played over and over and over and over... Very good for small children with no attention spans!

            signature courtesy of BomBom77


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              cac, unfortunately cars 2 is one long maters tall tale, this is what we reckoned before it came out and unfortunately we were proved correct


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                great stuff

                Anatomical illustrations by Jake Parker


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