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Respect the Classics: Cruz Ramirez

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  • Respect the Classics: Cruz Ramirez

    Cars 3 is coming soon... June 16 is the launch of the movie in the USA... and Monday May 1 we see the official release of Cars 3 toys (although some stores have released some product early).

    One of the Cars I'm most looking forward to seeing is Cruz Ramirez... Nice looking Car.. 3 distinct variations that we know of so far.

    Dinoco Cruz Ramirez is a sleek looking race Car:

    Dinoco Cruz Ramirez is also called Epilogue Cruz Ramirez and is a single in the first few Cars 3 singles cases.

    Cruz Ramirez has a Team Rusteze logo:

    No spoiler on Cruz Ramirez... this Cruz Ramirez is in a 2 pack with Sterling.

    And we learned about Sandy Cruz Ramirez in the Fireball Beach Race 4 pack picture that Lorri Ranslam shared yesterday on the PCD Facebook page... Lorri found this at Target on Monday April 24; they would not let her buy it even though it was on the shelves in the Cars display... this is a nice looking 4 pack... It also has a first look at Sandy Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen and a new Luigi with flag... Guido may have some differences too.

    The McQueen in the Fireball Beach Race 4 pack is different than the McQueen in the 11 pack (which is another Racing Center Lightning McQueen).

    I'm looking forward to learning more about Cruz Ramirez... I'm going to see the life size Cruz Ramirez on May 22 in Cincinnati and seeing the previews that day as well... I've also seen some plastic Cruz Ramirez toys in Walmart stores already.

    Thank you for sharing the 4 pack with us, Lorri... I expect to buy both it and the 11 pack at Target next Monday even though they will probably be about $70 with tax... May 1 is going to be an expensive day.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom