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  • Pixar Cars Diecast Review

    Hallo Cars fans!

    Let me say it from the start: I'm from Denmark and it means that I'm writing the speaking danish everyday. I'm not that good at english as you guys, but I'll try the best I can!
    That's the start, so you're aware of it and not ask me questions later why I'm not that good to english.

    Now to the case of the post:

    I know you are seeing BluCollection on YouTube and love it! I also see every video that he upload to YouTube.
    As I said to you that I'm from Denmark, are there zero channels on YouTube that re-views or shows diecasts on YouTube from Denmark, so that's why I'm posting this new thread on your site .
    I'll love if you will check my videos out on my channel .

    My YouTube-channel is:

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    Please let me know if you love my reviews .
    Give me a note or two. What I for example can do better.


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      Welcome to the site

      I will look at your channel later as its not the greatest on my phone.

      Transformers for Trade


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        Thank you, DeceptiCog72283.

        Later? Hm, what's the clock in your country?
        In Denmark it's eleven at night.


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          Right is is 7:30 at night here in Canada...making it probably close to 1:30am if I am not mistaken. lol

          Anyways...on to the topic at hand...the videos! Here is a bit of constructive criticism...or, according to google translate "konstruktiv kritik" (??? lol)

          The quality is good and you do a good job at displaying the cars and showing all the angles. Although I realise english is not your first language, either some speaking, or maybe some short text that describe your opinion of it during the video would make a big difference.

          Also...I don't know if possible, but making the intro to the videos shorter would be good...I found myself skipping to the 15 second mark after about a second or two of the opening. (might just be my short attention span LOL).

          Other then are off to a great start

          Keep up the good work and welcome to the site again

          Transformers for Trade


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            Haha, that's nice that you try to write danish I think it's always funny when english people try Google Translate to danish and I get laugh or two .

            Bum, bum, bum.. The videos! Yeess.. I know the intro is long. I have to clip it to about 5 seconds or something like that.
            I always made a long description with some details around the car that I could had said in the video. I still thinking about to speak in the videos.

            I don't know if it you, but if it is, then thank you for subscribing!
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              certainly was

              happy to help out a fellow forum member

              Transformers for Trade


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                thanks for videos.
                ...Nice pinstripe Sally...