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  • Accepting Sig/Avatar Requests

    Hello friends!

    I am pleased to offer my services to my fellow Cars lovers in making custom one of a kind forum signatures and/or avatars for you
    All I require for any request are the following:

    1) text: what would you like to be written on your signature
    2) images: I can look for images, but would be best if the images you wanted were provided
    3) general layout: an idea of your vision.

    There are 2 rules that are a must.

    1) will be included somewhere on signature
    2) I do like to sign my work, so you will see a small squiggly design somewhere on the signature (as showing in the bottom right corner of my current sig)

    The majority of my work revolves around modifications. I can't create anything from scratch LOL.

    Here are a couple examples of my work:


    other colours

    I used to be in the car modifying scene. I drove a sunfire GT. I liked the front bumper, wanted to see what it would look like with my ideas. On the left is after the modifications, on the right is the regular version

    and one of my favs, this was a contest on another forum that I used to frequent
    the original:

    modifications on this picture:
    - colour change
    - bigger rims
    - chrome rims
    - attempt at carbon fiber hood
    - chrome front grill
    - BMW M logo in front grill
    - lowered
    - changed side skirts
    - Z3 fender vents
    - cleared tail light
    - turn signals on mirror
    - heads up display
    - shaved door handle
    - lends flares (one got messed up lol)

    My signature, modified Bindo. Changed eye colour, darker tint, bigger rims. Darker rims, no door handles, no maserati logo.

    I am no professional in photoshop and I do offer my services for free and out of the good of my heart. Feedback is always welcomed and I do appreciate the chance to improve my skills

    Either post in here, or in a PM is fine. My turn around time is usually 2-3 days.

    Thanks for reading,
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    very good work there my friend,

    i was into modding cars when i was younger and took my car to an extreme level at the height of it,


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      thanks Jon

      If you would like a sig, dont hesitate do let me know

      I kinda miss those days. Although nothing other then a beefed up stereo and rims happened with my car. My transmission let go taking any funds I had saved up for it. Couple years later my engine quit out on me, taking up the funds I had saved up LOL. Then I had a family and it just wasn't doable anymore lol.

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        Nicely done, JF... your work looks great.

        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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          thanks Chris

          appreciate it

          Transformers for Trade


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            i just got my signature, its exactly what i wanted. thanks JF


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              Thanks Victor. I am glad you liked it. I still have the file on my comp so if you want anything edited let me know.

              I may try a different approach and send you a pm with a new one in case lol.

              Transformers for Trade


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                How about Sally, all white, lowered stance, flared fenders?
                ...Nice pinstripe Sally...


                • #9
                  I could probably manage something like that...maybe not so much the flared fenders...but I'll see what I can do

                  Transformers for Trade