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Who needs Decal Paper?

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  • Who needs Decal Paper?

    I have been asked what is the best decal paper to use for customs
    What many of the top cars customizers use is:*

    Its pricey- $14.82 for 10 sheets
    I am going to put an order in. They only ship to a US address, so you would need to pay shipping twice.; once to the US destination and then again from there to anyone outside of the US

    If any of you from the UK are interested let me know

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    I have been trying out different decal paper and have some findings to share
    Many of the brands of waterslide decal paper for inkjet are of poor quality. If it is old stock the glue on the back had eroded and does not stick
    I found out my local Kinkos printer has a high quality laser printer; if you buy laser quality decal paper they will print your decal designs on it for you
    Give them the decal paper and a copy of your image file: $3 later, magic!
    Most of us have home use printers; these do not put out high enough ink concentrate on to the decal paper, causing the ink to bleed or fall off as its applied

    Another option is to use Gloss Vinyl Self Adhesive Sticker Paper
    You can find this in any office supply store. Print the image in your printer, peel and stick
    You do need to clear coat it. It looks not bad. Not as good as a decal, but it works


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      I'll buy mine here

      Allways very satisfied of the quality (clear & white)




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        being new to custom making what style paper would you recomend from that site, as there is a fe to pick from

        many thanks in advace


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          Hey JonJ,

          Just go to Decals > Ink-Jet Waterslide Decal Paper (or laser if you use a laserprinter)




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            Hi Peter
            How do you find the quality of the clear decal paper?
            They all seem to be very thin.
            I am struggling with the ones I am using; they seem to tear very easily. Always right when I am half way through applying them!


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              If anyone overseas needs a US address to ship to, I will be glad to help pass the decal paper on to international folks.


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                Haven't had that problem Conrad .... hmmm.
                Did you use the one from craftycomputerpaper ?