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  • Peter McQueen's Customs

    Hey Gentlecars & Girls,

    From time to time i'll do some customs if i have some extra doubles lying around ...

    Hope you like them ...

    Here are some pictures :

    This is the first custom I did.
    Made it for my little nephews 3th birthday.
    I customized it with his name on the back spoiler. (Aidan)

    His nickname is "apie" wich means little monkey in dutch.
    That explains the logo on the hood of the car.

    The car has race number 46, this is because he was born on april 28th 2006.
    Race number 28 is already taken by Nitroade so it took the month and year of birth as a reference for the car. (wich is #46)

    Here's my first Chick Hicks custom.

    Ka-Chigga ... Ka-Chigga ...

    Here I used an extra Nigel I had to transform him into Finn McMissile's all time hero ... Mr 007.

    He was the big star once in a movie called "Carsino Royale" and loves his oil stirred not shaken !!

    Did you know Tim Rimmer had an older brother called JIM ?
    He's a reporter for the RSN.

    They're still looking for their third brother called KIM but he disappeared during the final race at the Los Angeles Speedway back in 2006.
    When KIM appears I will post some pictures ... ;-)


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    Awesome customs. You have a real talent.


    • #3
      The wrecked FHH is still one of my most favourtie customs of all time - from anyone!!!

      It's great what you did with Chick Hicks to make him stand

      James Bond is nice too - so simple but yet effective - what did you use to fill the holes where his spoiler was (if at all)? I've not taken one apart so don't know how it attaches

      I really like your first custom - so inventive and a great think to do for your nephew

      Keep up the customising...


      • #4
        I love the damaged Hudon hornet. Just trying to imagine how you did it. Must have been a lot of work. Guess you did not customize it my way: driving over a HH with your own car. lol


        • #5
          I love em all, but the FHH is straight-up astounding. Can't wait to see Kim Rimmer and whatever else you might come up with.


          • #6
            Absolutely fabulous... Thanks for sharing pictures of your great customs, Peter...

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              FHH never ceases to amaze me. All of them are great! The Team Apie car is sweet as well.


              • #8
                never been a fan of customs for their own sake - the only one i own is an apple car as that's the only way i could even afford to get one - but the chick hicks and hudson hornet where they are versions of the actual cars are absolutely incredible


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                  Peter- love these!
                  My fav is JIM!
                  I may ask if you want to do a customs exchange; would gladly send you a custom crew chief or pitty for a JIM


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                    Yeah buddy!
                    Very clean work.


                    • #11
                      your work is fantastic peter,the hudson hornet is just out of this world and i don't think mattel's version would ever be as good if they ever did finally release him.
                      thank's for uploading the pics.


                      • #12
                        Thanks for those nice words guys !!!

                        Really love my Hudson Hornet myself ;-)



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                          Any news on your site mate, is it near completion so we can take a browse?


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                            Von dutch style !!!!

                            VON DUTCH STYLE ........

                            I had an extra Ramone so I did an easy custom this time ;-)
                            took me only 5 minutes , lol !!!

                            (click to enlarge)



                            • #15
                              very cool peter great idea.
                              was it as easy as just reversing the base of the car around?