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Deluxe (DS) Bravo & Echo and Hector!

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  • Deluxe (DS) Bravo & Echo and Hector!

    Just taken receipt of these bad boys.

    Must admit, with all the focus mostly on the Mattel releases, various LMQ...err sorry Dustys, Chickslinger, Sallyshani etc, I thought folks would like to see these guys close up.

    Yes, they are a little pricey (£16.50/$19.95 - although I got 20% discount) but the quality is superb, the large size, metal content (hardly any plastic unlike Mattel) and paint finish are all grade A. Not to mention the cute little touches of working shades, sliding doors etc.

    Any way, some pics for your enjoyment...

    "I feel the need, the need for speed!"

    Some close-ups of Goose, sorry I mean Echo...

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      Do the landing gears retract?

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        Originally posted by bobbyjack View Post
        Do the landing gears retract?
        Sorry I know this is a sore point for you but you're going to be disappointed.

        Hector's definitely don't. As for Bravo & Echo, I haven't unscrewed the plinths to check but it doesn't look like it. That said, I've read that DS Skipper DOES have partially retracting 'gear so maybe? I might be tempted to do a bit of surgery if not (with the wee man's permission when he gets them) as I like the cleaner look too.

        That said, these are BIG and I'm not sure about hanging. I might be tempted to pick up the matching Mattel pair for that as they appear to be much smaller and lighter/plastic. A new grown up 'mobile' might be in order, with a few Planes.


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          In the spirit of balanced opinion, I do think Hector is a fantastic toy although must admit I'm a bit surprised at the bi-cast or central seam running right down the body. It's obviously a cost-cutting manufacturing thing, kind of like two halves of an Easter egg (chocolate kind). Probably the only slight let down, but the working sunglasses and cabin door make up for it.


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            I have all three of these as well and they are quite beautiful pieces really. Remind me of the diecast airforce jets of my childhood. I do want to note that I collect so my son can play with them so I can attest to the playability, and the gear on the bravo, echo and hector do not retract. The only moving gear on Skipper is that his wings fold upward. I have all the DS planes (except Zed) and none have retractable landing gear.