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Ned & Zed - Who's who?

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  • Ned & Zed - Who's who?

    I'm confused, this link here is for the Planes Micro Drifter set with what the package supposedly says is Zed (, but I thought Ned was the one with the green front and white wings and the package is showing Zed with the design paint that Ned has? Because the Disney Store has just released Zed which has the white front and green wings here is the link ( also if anyone has Bravo you can look on the back of the package and it has Zed, the one with Green wings and white front. Also it says the name of them on the back of their tail wing. So I guess in the end the Micro Drifter Packaging is wrong so you are really getting Ishani, Ripslinger, and NED.
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    Yeah. Ned has the green front, while Zed has the white front.


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      Should also note that the green front one says Ned on the tail and the white front has a big Z followed by a small ed at the base of the Z on the tail.