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New Planes are finally being released

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  • New Planes are finally being released

    Retailers and online retailers such as PCD supporter Get Me Collectibles are finally getting new Planes merchandise... here are pictures of new Planes I received from Get Me Collectibles today:

    Pack Rat #10 - from the Nebraska Trials series:

    Firebird #16 - also from the Nebraska Trials series:

    Who else is in the series? On the cardback we see Secord #4 and Piston #12:

    Here's Falco - from the USS Flysenhower series:

    On the back of the card we also see Delta

    From the Racing Sports Network series, here's Vasquez:

    Here's a close-up:

    On the back of the Vasquez card we see Roscoe:

    Strut Jetstream Dusty was also in this package - he was also in the new case with Tysonitits.

    I found Tysonitis 2 weeks ago while on vacation in California... I'm glad to see new Planes finally being released... Are you?

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Been a busy week, but managed to find Tysonitus and Strut this week at Walmart!! Look forward to the new planes you show there. Where they are in one case? What was the case assortment??


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      I found these planes today at walmart