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Planes 2015 difference the gray card vs orange card

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  • Planes 2015 difference the gray card vs orange card

    Who knows why the 2015 series of planes come in different blister packs: the bottom with name is gray or orange?

    I think the gray card - is an international issue. This confirms the difference in logos subseries. The same situation with a difference of logos we see in cars - international card nas no name subseries.

    But! How to explain the situation when we see a gray blister with logo, containing the name?

    Who has any available information about the difference in blisters planes 2015?

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    I think that Mattel updated the packaging to the gray style after the first two 2015 Planes cases. I don't think international releases have anything to do with it.
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      Confirming what RCcars5 said, the orange label is from a 2015 Planes case... the gray label is from a 2016 Planes case... here are pictures:

      Here's Pack Rat from 2015:

      Here's Pack Rat from 2016 (shown with Jackson):

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