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New 2018 Cars 3 Car Boxed Sets - What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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  • New 2018 Cars 3 Car Boxed Sets - What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    i decided to take advantage of a free day yesterday to go on a quick Cars hunt in southwest Ohio... due to road construction and detours it ended up being a couple of hours longer than I anticipated... I did find and buy a few things... I saw but did not buy 3 new Cars 3 pack boxed sets at a Kroger Marketplace store.

    Derby 3-Pack with McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter, Jocko Flocko Mack Cab, and APB
    Dinoco 3-Pack with Cal Weathers, Dinoco Helicopter, and Tex Dinoco
    Radiator Springs 3-Pack with Lightning McQueen, Tractor, and Mater

    The boxed sets were $16.99 each plus tax... I chose not to buy any even though there's only been one previous reported sighting by a collector in Michigan who found them at a Meijer over a month ago... Why didn't I buy them?

    The Derby 3-Pack contains 1 Car I don't have, the Jocko Flocko Mack cab... but since I have the hauler I chose not to buy the cab when it was released as a Deluxe in Europe and the UK - we didn't get that case in the USA... I have more than enough McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter as singles and in a 2 pack and I have APB as a single and in a Thunder Hollow 5 pack.

    The Dinoco 3-pack contains 3 Cars that I have more than enough of... Cal Weathers and Tex Dinoco are pegwarmers and as a long-time collector I have the Dinoco Helicopter.

    The Radiator Springs 3-pack contains 3 Cars t hat most long-time collectors have more than enough of and even new collectors don't need any more Lightning McQueen or Mater.

    The problem isn't that 3 packs don't sell... 3 packs loaded with repeats don't sell...

    I could have bought these and put them up for sale on eBay... but that's not who I am and that's not what I do... the good news is the case assortment appears to have 2 each of 3 3 packs... the bad news is there are too many repeats... had the middle Car in each 3 pack been released as a deluxe, I might have bought the Helicopter and the Jocko Flocko Mack...but they weren't released as Deluxe and I didn't buy them and won't buy them unless they go on clearance at 50% off.

    And I have a feeling that I'm not the only one.
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    Enthusiasm meter at zero here... To the toy boxes with them!