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Variants Alert: Piston Cup Race 5 Pack with Shannon Spokes

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  • Variants Alert: Piston Cup Race 5 Pack with Shannon Spokes

    Thanks to Dale Wilson and Scavenger for posting... the Piston Cup Race 5 pack with Shannon Spokes is now available with 3 variants.

    Here's the original 5 pack: (photo from jstrjef)

    Scavenger found the 5 pack with the 3 variant Cars... notice that this Shannon Spokes is bronze in color and not silver... this more closely matches the Shannon in the movie.

    The other variants are Brick Yardley with the sunburst on the back of the Car and Danny Swervez with bars on the back window... the Brick/Cal 2018 2 pack also contains the variant Brick Yardley.

    So I checked the local Walmart which has had 2 of the new 5 packs for a few weeks and... Shannon is silver in both of them... so I can't even find a variant boxed set when I want to buy a "repeat" that I already have... Dang...

    If I could find new Cars I probably wouldn't even consider buying the revised 5 pack.... oh well.

    Once I find it I intend to buy it and open it up to do side by side comparison photos... You can really tell the difference in the color in this photo.
    Bronze Shannon Spokes Original 5 pack 2 Shannon

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