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2019 Singles case J is now in the USA! (4/10/19)

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  • 2019 Singles case J is now in the USA! (4/10/19)

    Thanks to Eli Davies from Get Me Collectibles for the photos of case J singles... here are some of them:

    Duke Coulters is a fantastic looking Car.

    I need to compare Heyday River Scott with the one from the UK released TRU 4 pack.

    Singles case J is now in stock at Get Me Collectibles... this is another fantastic case. It is in stock for $98 plus shipping... here is the case contents:

    These are new Cars:
    Sterling with Headset 1
    Jenni Towland 1
    Duke Coulters 1
    Jen Tansedan 1
    Motor Turner
    Mo Revlin 1
    Scavenger Hunt Metallic Shannon Spokes 1

    These 2 have never been released in the US before:
    Carl Clutchen 1
    Heyday River Scott 1

    the remainder of the case:
    Jackson Storm 2
    Rust-Eze Racing Center Lightning Mcqueen 1
    Rex Revler 2
    Dinoco Cruz Ramirez 2
    Mater 1
    Fillmore 1
    Greg Candyman 1
    Carla Veloso 1
    Lightning Mcqueen with Racing Wheels 2
    Cruz Besouro 1
    Cam Spinner 1

    I have case H and case J on order and will post photos when I get the cases.

    I'm also looking forward to the release of Carl Clutchen - this is the made in Thailand release of a Car that those of you in the UK and Europe have seen from a made in China case.

    Fillmore may have a new facial expression... Carla Veloso may finally have a corrected front bumper color... case J is another great case with loads of new Cars.

    Thank you for the photos, Eli! To order a case, send an e-mail to

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Dang where I live in Australia it’s so behind on singles stock we still have the 2017 Cars 3 cars