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Mattel Metal Mini Racers - Cars 2 Ideas - Minimalism is the key

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  • Mattel Metal Mini Racers - Cars 2 Ideas - Minimalism is the key

    I have a few ideas for a minimum number of cars for the Cars 2 series. I'll group them as 2 items:

    First, the World Gran Prix racers
    Perhaps we could see racecars of the World Gran Prix featured in Cars2 for the Tokyo, Italian, and London race legs. Make it 10! (Bernoulli, Gorvette, Hamilton, Schnell, CaRoule, Veloso, Todoroki, Gearsley, Camino, Clutchgoneski) .
    I don't think that's excessive as it sounds.
    The Crazy 8 Derby at Thunder Hollow featured 9 cars (Fritter, Apb, Faregame, Fishtail, Cigalert, Taco, Jimbo, Damage, Arvy) and of course the McQueen/Cruz variants and Drippy (not a racecar). So Crazy 8 Derby had 13 cars (not including glamour variants like the newly released Golden Miss Fritter..I'm talking basic cars). It's a bit more than say the
    HeyDay racers line up of 4 (Doc, Heming, Scott, and Nash..though I wish they would add Moon), NextGen racers line up of 5 (Ramirez, Storm, Swervez, Treadless, and Hollis... though I read of 2 more in Fillups and Laney ) and StockCar racers line up at 6 (McQueen, SWeathers, CWeathers, Hicks, Clutchburn, and Swift... though I read 1 more in Yardley). Again I'm talking basic character chars no the glamour variants. Have thought they could add just 2 or 3 more cars to the HeyDay, NextGen and StockCar lineups anyway... not a crazy amount, just bring them to 6 to 8 for each of the lineups. Anway, this is about the World Gran Prix racers, so let's stick to that discussion.

    Second, the Plot cars
    Just main characters here that relate to the plot. Make it 10 TOO! (McMissle, Shiftwell, Redline, U.Topolino, Axelrod, Zundapp, A.Hugo, Vladmir, Grem, and Acer).

    No need for anything else.... These are really the key plot cars. (I like the idea of representing all 4 types of the lemon families, Yugos, Gremlins, Pacers and Zaporozhets because with just paint-scheme changes other car characters could be added later)
    One of the cool things about the Metal Mini Cars series is it avoids the temptation to add a bunch of extraneous characters... The 1:55 series is for doing that.

    So there is my list for Cars 2, 20 new character cars.
    Of course Mattel will do all kinds of gold, silver, metallic, glowinthedark, and sponsor based derivatives which might make 20 extend to ... well who knows? And of course, why not yet another set of McQueen and Mater variations?

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    Updated this one to represent each of the 4 types of lemons featured... Yugos, Germlins, Pacers and Zaporozhets. Included Uncle Topolino because he has a pretty good conversation with McQueen about friendship and is Luigi's uncle. So my Cars 2 Mini Racer list is up to 20 now...

    Could suggest a few more characters, all Lemons, which would just be repaints of already existing models (not new molds) or the models I described above (the 4 lemons)..

    You could do two more Lemons, Marcelo & Marco, which appear to just be black versions of Guido.. So If Guido were released as a Mini, you could do these to characters as repaints.

    You could do Vladmir's brother Petrov.... just a repaint of the Zaporozhets car.

    Gremlin: Grem is Orange, but there is a prominent purple Gremnlin, Don Crumlin...

    Pacer: Acer is lime green, but Fred Pacer is yellow and Tubbs Pacer is two-tone white/brown..

    Mob boss Victor Hugo is beige, but his brother Alexander (chop shop Alex) Hugo is black...and to me is much more ominous looking....

    Ivan could be based off of new Mater if you replaced the over bite with a mustache.

    Again there are some possibilities for Mattel to keep going back to the well to produce character cars without having to produce molds (just changing plastic bits, stickers and paint). I'm not suggesting any of these additions are necessary (They are not)... but they open up additional merchanising opportunities to justify more molds.

    An interesting car would be the 3 wheeled junk dealer Tomber..... but it's a minor character... and its an entirely different mold not adapted from anything else...
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