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Mattel Metal Mini Racers - Cars (1) Ideas - more Plot and Race Characters.

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  • Mattel Metal Mini Racers - Cars (1) Ideas - more Plot and Race Characters.

    Key Radiator Springs characters are missing form the Mattel Metal Mini Racers. Although, I have no desire to see it grow to the number of cars in the 1:55 series for instance, it would be nice to see 17-20 additions. Probably 3-packs that reference Cars (1-the original movie) is the way to go.

    Plot Characters:

    Radiator Springs Town Folk
    (Guido, Stanley, Lizzie, Bessie, Frank, Tractor, Otis?, McQueen w/ a Boot)
    Guido could be offered in a variation later as a pit crew member.. McQueen as a boot is cheap to do... adder to an existing car (I have it myself as a custom). Can't remember if Otis appears in the 1st movie, but he's definitely a long term resident? Most of these characters carry over to the other films too.

    Racing Characters and Race Cars

    (Dusty, Rusty, Tex)

    Super Fans
    (Tia, Mia, Maddy, Hinkey, BarryD, Fred)

    Piston Cup Racers
    (Rusty Cornfuel, Billy Oilchanger, Eugene Carbureski)

    Tia/Mia could also be offered in Green for when they support Hicks later.. and Dinaco Blue for a dream sequence. Maybe Fred is a stretch as I'm not sure of his appeal. But the Super Fans carry through to all the Movies and would definitely be in a 4th movie.

    No need for a allot of Piston Cup Racers because you already have Chick Hicks, McQueen and the King.... so that is 6 cars in that field... not bad! None of the original Piston Cup Cars from Cars1 carry over to Cars2 or Cars3 in terms of a racing capacity (Chick Hicks as a TV man and The King as a Crew chief) , so no sense in introducing a ton of those... Keeping it to 3 additions and folks would seek them... anymore and they'd lose enthusiasm. I picked the 3 for their color variation against Red McQueen, Blue King and Green Hicks.... purple, orange, pink.

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    I don't know.. .the more I think about it....It looks like we will have at least 8 NextGen Cars from Cars 3, 10 Derby Cars for Cars 3... I proposed 10 cars for International Racers.... I'm starting to think for Cars (1), I should propose 10 also... Obviously McQueen doesn't count... We already have Chick Hicks and the King..... I'm think therefore the 8 that are featured in this set of 11 for the 1:55 series.... I'd like to see it available for the Mini-Racers...
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