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Mattel Metal Mini Racers - Cars 3 Ideas - Round out the racing.

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  • Mattel Metal Mini Racers - Cars 3 Ideas - Round out the racing.


    Cars 3 is well represented by the Mattel Metal Mini Racers cars... Especially the Thunder Hollow Derby Cars... Every important plot car is represented (sans Guido.. but everyone knows that).

    The Next Gen Racers look good with (Jackson, Tim, Danny, HJ-HenryJames and well Cruz is a next gen car too really). Adding Spikey Fillups and Ryan Laney will get that generation up to 6 or 7 racers. Respectable representation. No more additions needed (unless folks want wraps, glow in the dark, silver, etc.. variations)

    However, the collection is just a bit shy on Current Gen Racers and the Legend Racers

    Current Gen has (McQueen, Cal, Murray, Bobby). Brick is being added as an XRS car, but perhaps the stock edition would be good as well, which would make 5 cars of that generation. Would be nice to add just 1 or 2 more to get the number to 6 or 7 racers.. Again respectable representation. Who would they be? Chuck Armstrong (unlikely as Dud is a already there as a Mood car....see my updates in the post that follows), Todd Marcus (no Stall) good orange black color, Lee Revkins (good purple color), Kevin RacingTire (good pink color w/ a mustache).

    However, the Legends is small... (Doc, River, Leroy, Louise)… Smokey's not a race car, just a chief. It would be nice to add Junior ! Junior Moon had a speaking part, raced through the Mountains, hung out through the training in Thomasville. Adding him would give the Legends at least 5 cars. Sweet Tea could be added as well.. just give some pit crew interest to the Legends along with Smokey.
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    Update on Next Gen.... Mattel has added many... In addition to what I listed above we now have:
    Conrad Camber, Sheldon Shifter, Harvey RodCap, George New-Win, Aaron Clocker, Paul Conrev, Ralph Carlow

    Next Gen cars is up to 13 now.... (depending if you count Cruz.... and you should)
    (*I've got a Jasper Philip Drive AppleCar custom from JoJo to add to this bunch too)


    Update on Current Gen Piston Cup racers that Mattel has added:
    Bruce Miller, Brick Yardley (normal, non XRS), Dud Throttleman, Rex Revler, Jack Depost,

    So Current Gen Piston Cup is upto 9 now...
    (*I've got a Mac iCar AppleCar custom from JoJo to add to this bunch too)


    Update on Legends, Mattel has released:
    HeyDay Smokey (but again, he's not a racer).


    Update on Derby racers, Mattel has released:


    Update on XRS racers, bings that series up to 5.Hesitant about mentioning these, because they really aren't film canon. Mattel has released:
    Brick Yardley XRS, Tim Treadless XRS
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      I am looking forward to seeing new Mini Racers, ODwyerPW... I have not bought any 5, 10, 15, or 21 packs of Mini Racers and don't intend to - I think it's too much money to spend to get 1 or 2 new Cars... I am looking forward to seeing new Mini Racers in the boxed singles and 3 packs... t am glad to see their are more Next Gen Mini Racers coming... and other new Mini Racers too.

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        I have bought 1 21 pack, 1 15 pack, 2 10 packs. They were early on and I needed most of the cars. Now, I couldn't justify buying one as I'd have just so many more duplicates. The NexGen and PistonCup cars are easy for Mattel because they appear to be based on only 5 molds.

        I will admit, my last 8-10 cars that I have purchased in Oct/Nov have come from Eli on Ebay. Just can't be bothered with buying a bunch of blind boxes/bags or multi-packs. I'm hoping we start seeing some decent 3-packs.... where at least 2 of the cars are new.....

        I did grab the Todd Pizza Planet Truck the other day as well from Eli. Nice detail. I wonder if with slight modifications to this Truck if they could release a Roscoe, who was the grumpy director of ceremonies at the Thunder Hollow Crazy-8 Derby. Be a way to re-use a mold (which seems to be important to Mattel w/ 16 varieties of LMQ and 8 of Ramone).
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