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Variant Alert: Kris Revstopski: (March 1, 2020)

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  • Variant Alert: Kris Revstopski: (March 1, 2020)

    Variant alert... March 1, 2020... I knew that the Kris Revstopski released on the 2020 blue desert cardback was a variant based on the new one having a white cover over the bed of the pickup truck... but shades of Dexter Hoover... we've got a checkered flag (2017 Cars 3 cardback), and both green flag and white flag (case E) on the 2020 cardback... other than the flag color I'm not sure if there are any other differences between the 2 2020 cardback Kris Revstopski... my Cars 3 cardback version is somewhere in a box so I don't have any pictures showing all 3 at the same time... and I haven't opened any of them yet.

    White flag on the left, green flag on the right.

    Here's a photo posted on the PCD Facebook page created by Oliver Carr/CarsCollectorUK, showing different Kris Revstopski Cars opened - according to Oliver, the 1st and 3rd have not been released yet...

    thank you for allowing me to share your photo, Oliver Carr/CarsCollectorUK (photo used by permission)
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