Last Thursday I received a package from Eli Davies at Get Me Collectibles... Deluxe case G is in the house - it includes Josh Coolant! From the Cars 2 movie and the London Chase series/scene... it's nice and heavy... and I think they did a nice job with the paint and other details on this Land Rover.

Here it is on the card:

Here's a close-up:

Here's the back of the card:

Out of the card/blister:

Very nice detail, don't you think?

Left side view:

Rear view:

License plate says LEII IAL

Right side view - the stripes and the UK flag are very evident:

Front/right view:

Overhead view:

Production code is N08A - N means 2020, 08 means the 8th week, A is the Thailand factory:

I don't have the Disney Store version to compare it to... and evidently I haven't opened other Land Rover Cars from Cars 2 yet... but this is a great looking Car.

It's been found at Walmart stores in the US... I ordered the case from Get Me Collectibles... Case J deluxe also includes Miss Fritter, Mack, and Dale Roofolo.

Still available to purchase as a single item on the eBay store of Get Me Collectibles and I believe they still have the case of 4 deluxe for $32 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking! Good luck finding it in a store.