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2020 Singles Case G is here: what's in the case (April 24, 2020)?

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  • 2020 Singles Case G is here: what's in the case (April 24, 2020)?

    2020 Singles case G arrived last week in the package I received from Get Me Collectibles... here are photos showing what's in the case:

    The Scavenger Hunt Metallic Jonas Carvers is one of my 2 favorite Cars in the case... Superfly is a first release with plastic tires/tyres... Lightning McQueen with sign may be a new Thailand release... Carla with flames is relatively new... Wasabi Mater is relatively new as a single... it's been awhile since we've seen Sally:

    There are 2 Aaron Clocker, the next gen Revolting... I'd opened one by the time I took the picture.

    Claude Scruggs (Leakless from Cars) is a first release from Thailand... Silver Tim Treadless, Conrad Camber, and Kevin Shiftright are relatively new:

    I believe Brick Yardley is a first time Thailand release as a single... Silver Jackson Storm has been in 2 cases.

    If you are missing some of these Cars in the case it's a pretty good case to help you catch up... I'll publish posts showing the Jonas Carvers and Aaron Clocker in the near future.

    The case has been found in Australia... hopefully it comes out in other countries soon and we can head out to go look and buy.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom