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November 6, 2020: PCD is back up, finally!

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  • November 6, 2020: PCD is back up, finally!

    November 6, 2020: PCD is back up, finally!

    Did you try to access the website the last 3 or 4 days, only to not be able to? It happened to everyone.

    Our hosting company, Zfast, based in the UK (they acquired NoWires), changed DNS servers... and for whatever reason they didn't update the DNS server addresses for clients (including PCD)... that means your web browsers were trying to go to an IP address that no longer exists... and yes, that's not a good thing.

    I contacted them on Tuesday to open a support ticket... multiple times I got a reply that said they announced that the old DNS servers were going away and that we had to update our DNS server addresses... I asked them how I could do that... the last time I mentioned that NoWires used to make those changes for us... 3 hours later I received an e-mail stating that they'd updated our DNS server.

    A DNS entry converts a name ( to an Internet address.. it's easier to remember a name than a long numeric address.

    So we're good for the time being.

    And if you didn't even notice that PCD was down? I may have to think about keeping the PCD website up and running.

    Hope everyone is doing well... Please continue to be smart... use social distancing... wash your hands... and wear a mask... I don't like to wear the mask... I wash my hands so much they crack and bleed (thanks to the blood thinner I'm still on after last year's heart attack)... I miss seeing people... but this morning a friend in my bowling league who survived fighting in the Vietnam War, survived a heart attack 2 weeks after I had mine, and survived quadruple bypass surgery... died of COVID-19... and as you might guess, I am gutted.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    i knew it was down! Tried logging on several times during the last few days.
    I appreciate the forum. I know the newer generations prefer the ease and format of facebook and instagram.... but those formats don't support ongoing conversations or depth of topics.... so I still like the forum format for real engagement... and the ability to review archives.



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      Chris, condolences for your friend. It may not seen like much of a consolation right now, but over time, we can at least cherish the good times we have shared, with people we have lost.

      There are many people in the UK, who have failed to appreciate the seriousness of COVID-19 or just arrogantly ignore the advice. None of us like the restrictions, but like speed limits, there are there for a good reason, to protect us all, particularly the vulnerable. Many (younger) people just don't care about that, the selfish spoilt brats that many of them are nowadays!

      Like Peter, I tried to access the site, but couldn't for the last few days. Compared to many other similar chat (better to call it information sharing amongst friends board), I think PCD is better laid out and easier to navigate.

      There are a few of us in the UK that still post plus others we know who look at the site and would post, but the general lack of new stuff in the UK means there's less reason for them to do so.

      With COVID-19 and trying to stay as safe reasonably practical to do so, we probably all travel less than we used to, so getting to places that sell Cars is more of a challenge right now.

      From my point of view, until March, I was in central London at least once a week. Since the shops reopened in June, I've been into central London (by car and bus) three times! I haven't travelled by train since March, which is a bizarre situation for me. I love travelling by train, I was born opposite a major London station and lived next to a railway line in my early years!


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        I noticed, I just figured it was a tech issue. (Possibly intermittent..? But not, apparently.) That being said traffic is pretty slow. But not uncommon given the current Cars climate. Though I hear "Insta is bangin'... "

        Sorry to hear about your friend Chris, just terrible to hear. With Veteran's Day coming up, we should all think what we as a nation owe those who served. And how we can reciprocate to protect and defend them now. I hope the hurt fades in time bud.


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          I missed the last paragraph. Sorry to hear of your friend.