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2021 Singles Case AL (09/30/2021)

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  • 2021 Singles Case AL (09/30/2021)

    September 30, 2021... 2021 Singles case AL has been found in a few stores... When my wife and I were in Florida the first week of September, I found Jim Reverick, Mummy Luigi and Ghost Guido, and Derek Wheeliams at a Publix grocery store in Orlando... and last night, on my way home from the bowling alley after my bowling league finished, I stopped at an Auto Zone (auto parts store) to price windshield wipers and found Sarah Wheelson and another Mummy Luigi and Ghost Guido.

    Singles at Publix were $4.99 plus tax.

    Singles at Auto Zone were $6.99 plus tax.

    Not as cheap as retail, but when you can't find them in big box stores you get them when and how you can...

    What is ironic to me is that I have the 4 new case AL singles before I have 2 of the 3 new singles from case AK - I have Rich Hurry but not Dewey Conerod or Racing Red Cruz Ramirez.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Smyths have the following unreleased cars listed on their website. It's possible that most / all of them could be in the AL case!
    157433302 - Chisaki
    157433303 - Kris Revstopski - with yellow flag
    157433304 - Millie
    157433305 - Sara Wheelson
    157433306 - Racing Red Lightning McQueen
    157433307 - Hydraulic Ramone
    157433308 - Marlon 'Clutches' McKay
    157433309 - Doc Hudson
    157433310 - Hot Rod Steve Hearsell
    157433311 - Nick Shift
    157433312 - Clutch Aid Racing Tractor
    157433313 - Rusty Cornfuel
    157433314 - Jim Reverick
    157433315 - Mummy Costume Luigi & Guido

    Update: 06 Oct 2021:

    As posted on UK finds, it looks like the 96AL case contents are:

    2 Mummy Costume Luigi and Guido
    2 Rust Eze Lightning McQueen
    2 Tom W.
    2 Bob Cutlass
    1 Jim Reverick aka Carbon Cyber
    1 J D McPillar
    1 Rusty Cornfuel
    1 Chisaki
    1 Derek Wheeliams
    1 Jeff Gorvette
    1 Brian Sparks
    1 Doc Hudson
    1 Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    1 Sara Wheelson
    1 Pat Traxson
    1 Cartney Carsper
    1 Floyd Morgan
    1 Marlon Clutches McKay
    1 Murray Clutchburn
    1 Hot Rod Junior Moon
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      Thank you for the update, niftynigel... As soon as Eli from GetMeCollectibles receives his case AL order, I will update... From what I have heard, Racing Red McQueen and Millie are in case AM... I've been trying to guess based on what I've seen in a few stores, photos from friends who have found the case at Walmart or Target, and eBay listings.