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Be on the lookout for 2022 cases BL and BK (9/16/2022)

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  • Be on the lookout for 2022 cases BL and BK (9/16/2022)

    Be on the lookout for 2022 singles cases BK and BL

    As of 9//16/2022. 2022 Singles Case BL has been released... here's another one that I might consider buying if I decide to collect Cars On The Road diecasts.


    Cars On The Road Royce Revsley - x2
    Cars On The Road Racing Center Cruz Ramirez metallic gold
    Cars On The Road Kay Pillar-Durey - x2
    Cars On The Road Griswold
    Cars On The Road Lightning McQueen -x2
    Cars On The Road Mater
    Cars On The Road Speed Demon
    Bertha Butterswagon
    Fred - this is a new sized Fred

    Race Damaged King
    Rusteze Cruz Ramirez
    Lee Race
    Sara Wheelson
    Lightning McQueen with sign
    Maddy McGear
    Lightning McQueen (Cars)
    Haul Inngas
    Charlie Checker
    Ramone (Purple)
    Murray Clutchburn

    And here's what is in the previous case, BK:

    2022 Singles Case BK is showing up in stores... among other Cars, this has our first releases in the Cars On The Road Series:

    Cars On The Road: Road Trip Lightning McQueen -x3
    Cars On The Road: Speed Demon
    Cars on the Road: Mater (looks like a packaging variant only)
    Colin Bohrev - x2
    Tractor with Tire in mouth

    These next 2 have only been in boxed sets
    George New-Win (next generation Leakless)
    Flip Dover - next generation Interception

    Cruz with flaming barrel
    Transforming Lightning McQueen

    Lee Race
    Darla Vanderson
    Charlie Checker
    Jambayla Chimichanga
    Tex Dinoco
    Lewis Hamilton
    Shu Todoroki
    Lightning McQueen

    Sorry to not post much for the last 3 weeks... I came down with the newest Omicron variant of COVID... even though I'd had it in December 2020 and had received 4 vaccination shots (2 full and 2 booster)... I was down for 10 days... after Thanksgiving I can get the new booster that protects against Omicron... and I intend to... Please stay safe everyone.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom