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PCD website hosting and domain fees have been paid for the next 12 months (4/26/2023)

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  • PCD website hosting and domain fees have been paid for the next 12 months (4/26/2023)

    April 26, 2023... I'd gone back and forth on this in my mind for the last several months... but I decided to pay the PCD website hosting fees and domain registration fees for the next 12 months and a few minutes ago I sent payment of 55.89 GBP to zFast... The PCD website will continue to be running until April 26, 2024... I will make a decision by next March about continuing it.

    Even though we have over 5000 website members, only me and about 5 or 6 UK members post on an occasional basis... I don't post as much as I used to... I've been collecting Cars since 2006 but I'm not as excited about collecting Cars as I used to be... I'm not sure that my excitement is going to come back.

    In less than 2 years I plan to retire... I'd like to move to near the beach in either North Carolina or South Carolina (right now the vote is 1 to 1 and my wife's vote carries more weight than mine does)... I won't be able to afford nearly as large a home and will probably have to downsize a significant portion of my collection.

    I thank niftynigel, VANDANCE, boogity, Justin, and rossibutton for your recent posts... I'd like to encourage those of you not on the PCD Facebook group to consider it... I value the friendships I have made with you and others over the years.

    Congratulations to those of you who have found 2023 singles case CF at B&M... I haven't seen Cryptid Buster McQueen yet - I just found Deputy McQueen, Cave McQueen, and Mae for the first time over the weekend... my local HW friend found me 5 of the 6 Disney 100 singles - I don't have Mater yet - Flo is the only Disney 100 Car I've seen in a store... I have found the new Clown Car (Claire) at 2 Walmart stores.

    My oldest grandson who got me hooked on Cars back in 2006 will be 21 years old in August... he's driving a real Mazda Miata these days... and I'm driving a Honda CR-V.



  • cac1959
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    Great comments, VANDANCE... I agree with your statement of looking and buying being a habit rather than a passion... and while it's hard to let go of it I don't see myself taking vacation days strictly to go shop all day at one of the larger cities 1 to 2 hours away... on vacation drives I typically only stop at 1 or 2 stores on the way to the destination as opposed to every hour... and once I get there I'd rather be on the beach or check local places as opposed to shop for Cars.

  • cac1959
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    Great to hear from you, PopeMobile! It's been a long time... I agree - it was more fun when we had younger kids (or in my case, grandkids)... I think I speak for all of us when I say we are proud of our collections and how we worked to acquire what we have... It truly has been a world-wide effort... And like you, I need to start documenting what Cars are in what totes or boxes and how to find the next homes for some of them.

    I can only echo what the guys are saying here, thanks to Chris for keeping the hobby alive and itís noticeable that the hobby is in more of a decline. I appreciate the news and advice though this site and will be sorry to see it go in a year. In the meantime we can look back with fond collecting memories, from mainlines, 2 packs, deluxe, haulers, box sets, limited editions, precession series and super chase plus so much more, I think Cars may go the way of Disney Planes eventually. I hope not, because I still enjoy collecting new cars when I see them. But rather than a passion, itís more like out of habit now that I keep buying. Thanks again to Chris for paying for us all to continue the forum and to all other contributors who help me with my quest to enjoy this hobby.

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  • PopeMobile
    It's been about 8 years since I stopped collecting. It was more fun 10 years ago when my kids were little and were really into it. I am proud of my collection and I know there are some items that will never / can never be reproduced such as the following which I will never sell:
    1) 2006 Factory Sealed Set
    2) Speedway of the South
    3) Surfin Safari - even if the car is re-released which I doubt, the original box it comes in will not be duplicated nor the date prints on it

    A couple things I also got turned off on was the constant release of Super Chase cars. It was fun with the city cars like Memo Rojas Jr but eventually the Super Chase became the same as just plain Chase.

    Some of the original or Port Corsa cardbacks I have are quite rare but not sure I will keep them all. Will be looking to par down my collection as well over the new few years. My error cars were a load of fun to collect but maybe they are in better hands elsewhere. Most likely I will pull everything out of storage and go through them and keep the most valuable ones that will never be reproduced and then unload the rest. I read an article a short time ago stating that the one thing your kids wish you would do before you die is to unload any collection you have so they don't have to deal with it. I spent a year collecting the entire Desert Series of every date code combination there was. Now they sit in tubs. Will my kids know what these are someday? Nope not a chance - they will just see 5 Fillmores and think they are all the same. So I would either need to document it and leave notes in the bins to explain what these are or unload it. Think I will do the latter at some point in next 2 years.

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  • niftynigel
    I'm sure I speak on behalf of the small band of regular posters and other collectors who don't post now, but still frequent the site - I'd like to say thanks to Chris for keeping this site up and running.

    Although there are other sites, I prefer the layout of this site. It's also (annoying) advert free! Other sites have adverts and it's not clear whether they are genuine adverts or 'click bait' for something more sinister!

    I know Hot Wheels has lasted for over 50 years, but given that even the small special series like Disney 100 are now in the same cases as the mainline singles, I can't help but think this is an attempt to prolong the life of Cars releases a little longer. After the Cars On The Road, it's difficult to see if there will be any new Cars output, certainly not a new film, maybe a short or two, but that's unlikely.

    There will come a time, when there simply aren't any new releases, save for repaints etc. Mattel may then decide to retire Cars to the metaphoric garages!

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