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Easter Flo - new Easter Car

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  • Easter Flo - new Easter Car

    Mattel has released a new Easter Car... Easter Flo.

    I bought one from Get Me Collectibles back before Christmas... I found one at the local Kroger grocery store at lunch today... I was pleasantly surprised - they haven't had Cars in their limited toy section for months.

    I found it in the season aisle which has just been changed from Valentine's merchandise to Easter merchandise.

    The case of 12 consists of:

    Easter Cars case A
    Easter Flo
    Lightning McQueen as Easter Buggyy - x3
    Easter Lightning McQueen - x3
    Easter Mater
    Easter Buggy -x2
    Easter Ramone -x2

    While there may be some variants in this new case of Easter Cars, I'm not buying every release any more...

    Hopefully you will be able to find it.

    Easter Cars Easter Flo

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom